Icantsleep I think I spend too much time here

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  • j0k3 -

    Šta se smaraš sa idiotima tipa Erasmo na boardu, pusti budale nek plaču

    • Icantsleep -

      a znam brate mucim se ko budala da me trolaju. Aj dodji na discord tu i tamo :D

    • j0k3 -

      Hoću budem sutra, danas sam smoren :D

  • Darkcinar -

    Hello if you are still giving away your account I would love to have it I have a lot experience playing I owned a rank 8 account back when uni 9 was still around.I have nothing but time so your account will be in safe hands

  • Arawn -

    hey id be interested in your account if its still going. over 9 years experience from uni 1, 7 and galactic empires (exactly the same but mobile version) recently started again and looking to skip all the boring stuff