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  • renzuki -

    Youknow, since your a veteran and all, and have all these skills after 16 years of ogame. You could STFU on the boards trolling me and do something about it with an account. That is unless after 16 years the only skill you've picked up is being a keyboard warrior.

    • RacerA1 -

      I have already had a few HOF's in this uni, my team looks to me for advice but atm I don't have time to play, my work season is busy right now.

  • Spejs Ajs -

    hey Race!

    • RacerA1 -

      You still around?? Playing Ogame??

    • Serenity -

      Are you the Racer that is in TPR in uni 1 ?

    • RacerA1 -

      No, I retired from uni1 many years ago but still have an account there just so I can follow activity there.

    • RacerA1 -

      You likely remember me from UNI 35 FELON with Slamminbones and Kerber, Razielus and I used to be really good flight team then with about 12 sweet blind returns with our rips and a few with fleet and I was crazy during wars!

    • RacerA1 -

      This is the oldest post I can find from back then with me in it. board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/i…light=racera1#post5609989

      On page 53 of this link it has Dec2009 rip count for uni35 and I was about 35th ranked then