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  • Big-BonG -


    i am hoping my second declaration is more suitable and closer to the guidelines than my first.…/792711-GLoTR-vs-STONERS/

  • Hammett -

    Hello NoMoreAngel :)

  • 40ladroni -

    Good Morning, why you close my post in the CR section of Tarazed? :)

    • NoMoreAngel -

      Because of the CR-Section Rules:
      - If the case arises where by the defender posts a CR before the attacker, if 48 hours have not gone past from the hit taking place, the attacker may post the thread themselves and the defenders thread will be closed. After 48 hours have passed the defender's thread will not be closed if posted before the attackers.
      The exception to this rule of course is ninja's where the defender is actually the winner of the battle.
      In the case of draw battle Mod's reserve a right to close the thread and allow other party to post it.

    • 40ladroni -

      ok, I thought that In case of Draw both attaccar and defender can post it, Have a nice day

  • Rocky Balboa -

    open cygnus top ten pretty please

  • sekula777 -

    put HOF section in RHEA...and also alowed topr 10...

    • NoMoreAngel -

      There is the CR section which has both things in it via labels. There won't be a seperate section for that stuff anymore