Tony Montana There're many behind me...but still some ahead

  • Male
  • 31
  • from uzbekistan
  • Member since Mar 20th 2017

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  • Cassandra Vandales -

    I wish I could still see your warnings :P

    • Tony Montana -

      I only have 5 that are "active" otherwise there's about 20 on there.

  • coSa -

    just spaming your wall :P :P :P

  • Erasmo1234 -

    What is your problem?
    U constantly trolling anything tied to me

    • Tony Montana -

      I'm just a dick tbh, plus its funny seeing you spend money in every uni and getting slapped in every uni

  • The Predator -

    Sup Tony!!!!

  • soufky -

    hope i m not to late! let me have it

  • Big Papa -

    Hey do you play spica?

  • Ceteris Paribus -

    hi mate are you still searching for someone to play your account?