SmurfySmurf Call me regular :D

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  • Dogma -

    Dude... Long time no chat... Also in Himalia!

  • flashman -

    Hi, want to exchange account for Virgo, TOP 650?

  • sismo -

    Hi, I have 2M Deu to sell, can sell regular. Ratio 2.5/1.5/1.

  • Deathrow -

    Where do you wanna play?

    • SmurfySmurf -

      Depends on what you have

  • johocknut -

    I doubt you'll get a top 10 account anywhere. I'm not even in the top 100 in my uni and have 20 times the points you have.

  • StrlA -

    Interested in that Europa acc, hovewer, I got back into ogame a few weeks ago so no account to trade atm. I am playing on Europa, rank 500...

  • ThatGuy -

    details on account