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  • jack -

    hey there, id be interested in the accounts if you still have them available? recently returned to ogame after quite some time away, I played uni 10 quite some time ago, was in the top 20 there for a while, I'm currently playing on Wezn started last week and almost 100k points ^^ very active player with decent experience, pm me and we can have a chat, cheers bud

  • Demonical -

    Hi i am want to take one of this 2 acc plz pm if you want to give me one acc

  • Neego -

    Hey, im intrested in the rank 114 account. Currently playing in Virgo with a miner account around 1.1 mil points. Got some time left, been playing ogame since 2007. So I know my stuff. Hope to hear from you soon


  • MillerTime -

    I would play one of the acc. I have played ogame for 18 years

  • ArTeX -

    helloo i give ur acc my and my friend

  • Bezimienny -

    Hello, have U any acc to give away or trade? I have polish acc, 18m pkt, top94, eco + deathstars and medium fleet

  • ArTeX -

    hello i need me and my bro 2 acc

  • XOR -

    Second try here since thread has no reply option for me. I msged you about 2 accounts almost 2 days ago. I have a friend IRL that would play with me we are expirienced,played since 2007, uni4 uni35 we even played at beginning of quaoar but had to quit cause of work and stuff. We also played in Oberon,were top 50 in most unies, I was rank 43 when i quit Quaoar without single dime spent on DM,and top 50-100 in all other unies again no DM.Even played back before there was no commander and was rank 4 on uni4.Was going by name theDevil.

  • ZoD -

    hi! If the Rank 120 account is still available, i would love to put it to good use! please let me know!

  • Narcistic -

    Hello Diddy,

    I messaged you before about an acc. Second try here, I'd like the 114 acc if still available. I can stay in an alliance if needed. Just looking for a developed acc instead of making a new one.

    Now I play in Xhantus only. rank 40

  • Voto -

    Hi diddy, I'm looking at other accounts and I'm interested in your Quaor account you've posted about. Your mines look good.

    I'm old top 100 player of Universe 6 back in the day, looking to return as work commitments have reduced somewhat