Heretic Might be your Daddy

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, Reading thread Barely worth the time [TOT: P: 88.127.250 D:169.950.000] Vacation Mode [Azrael D] vs. deadlyangel1 [NoEmo] (A: 85.000, D: 169.865.000)

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  • Serenity -

    ok I am glad to hear another player is not leaving the game --- see you soon in uni 1

  • Serenity -

    Heretic you don't wish to come to uni 1 ??

    • Heretic -

      This was not a known option at the time. I believe most are preparing to do just that if we cannot get something other than a 2x speed increase. It isn't a perfect solution, but don't care. Fleet speed is the issue, and that solves the issue.