C4azyD I think I spend too much time here

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  • Mafkees -

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    • Mafkees -

      Jk you never were mighty.

  • renzuki -

    I heard you got crashed more than this guy.

  • Phantom_PT -

    Lol you are hilarious dud,u think LYCA would let me in If I was food like your tiny fish you allied wiht ?

    I joined HNC cus they are the best there is and wanted to learn how to fleet bette, plus I have a good friend there lol

    oh well :D have a nice weekend

    • C4azyD -

      Hnc is best in pushing you are right

    • Phantom_PT -

      riiight, we not the ones who buy accounts tho...

    • Phantom_PT -

      buhbye kitten :) ur as arrogant as the babies

  • WhyMe -

    do you have any acc to play this uni