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  • pirate andy -

    Could you please move my Virgo NN1 to the top 10 when you get a minute please. Give it a minute or two of glory ;) thanks in advance

  • Tony Montana -

    I hate you...

  • exgpun1sher -

    Marshmello, glad to see you in the thread. Do you have any contacts ingame or any of the GO's ??

    • Marshmello -

      Our GAs are working on it, I got nothing unfortunately :(

  • Serenity -

    I understand what your saying now thank you for explaining it better----yes I will not start another war unless one of them come out of v mode I will keep it correct and in the guide lines

    • Marshmello -

      Thank you, I appreciate it.

  • Serenity -

    I am confused why you are on me about the war Marshmello am I mistaking or is that section to speak about the war and what lead to it or to resolve things ?? Baal threaten my alliance I did what I was to do and his other player is posting and has the option to come out of v mode ....

    If I can not make a hit in seven days I understand the war will end .

    But if one comes out it is my full attention to attack

    if one don't I will wait til one does and Start another war .

    Am I wrong in doing this Marshmello ???

    • Marshmello -

      I didn't say you're wrong. I said if you keep doing it and they are still not able to be attacked, then you are wrong. I don't think I was unclear in stating that. If you keep creating a war that can't be fought, you will be warned. End of discussion.

  • ArTeX -

    mmm ok

  • ArTeX -

    i dont have acc

    • Marshmello -

      You said do I want a trade, not do I want to give it away. I do not want to give it away

  • ArTeX -

    hello u want trade in rhea acc

    • Marshmello -

      What do you have in return?

    • ArTeX -

      i need rhea other acc

    • Marshmello -

      So you have nothing to return? I don't understand.

  • Crimnor -

    No idea, care to share some details?

  • Interstellar -

    I have acount top 150 spica and rhea.What do you want?

  • Marshmello -

    Hey, what do ya got?

  • xExterminatoRx -

    im your guy