Lynbo I'm too old to know everything

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  • Gabby -

    Hello Lynbo
    Are board mods trained in the rules of Ogame?

  • bones2000 -


  • Nightingale -

    I am watching you...



  • Empy -

    Touching your box lollipops :fatgreengrin:

  • Najics -

    Spamming you just because it's been more than a month without a useless question from me :)

  • anonymous1 -

    *Stands on the [i] tarp [/i] Night left and rescues Safira*

  • Nightingale -

    *randomly manloves the questbook*


  • Lynbo -

    ahhh.... Random love ftw! Thanks

  • venommourne -

    i love you :D i really really love you:D even though i dont know you :D i am writing this because i randomly clicked on you.Cheers :D

  • Safira -

    *gets caught in Night's trap*

  • Nightingale -

    *leaves a tarp in the questbook*


  • ??? -

    Glad to have you as our new BA! Cass, we'll miss you, and I hope you stay around!

  • khaos -

    happy new year :P

  • Cassandra Vandales -