What do you look like? Pictures Only.

  • Since the other one is going, you may want to find your posts of pics and repost them here

  • Well, since I had JUST posted my reply to that gangsta guy right before you locked it, I'll repost it here >_>

    Also, since this is a new thread, I'll repost some of my old normal pics:

  • Me prepping for a show. I don't wear my hair like that, promise.

    A friend came to town and woke me up to hang out. I clearly hadn't showered.

    Playing pool at a bar on spring break, hence the hideous shirt.

  • So for the last two weeks i have been sent all over the joint, so here are some pics of my trip, these are from brisbane and the river frount and a part i went too the other week.

  • It's 3:30AM, and I'm bored. The only thing left to do is camwhore >_>


  • Quote

    Originally posted by Mute

    Give us more baggins!!

    Frodo delivers:

  • Some pictures from my theatre makeup class. Blood and gore day is fun.

  • my basshat:

    blue hair:


    heidelberg staffmeet:

    with cass:

    with wraith:

    in the US:

    in a shirt o_O:

    after running a 24 hour run:

    running the 24 hour run:

    come join me (the infamous ikea raid):

    green-black-orange stripes:


    yes, you!:

    beer p_o:

    more from the ikea raid:

    and even more:

    in scotland with my gf:

    again (yes i have rings around my eyes, didnt get much sleep):

    at a restaurant:

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  • Figured I might as well post them here too >_>

    Two random ones from a couple of months back of just my hair:

    Giant pot we chugged beer out of

    And the resulting game of drunken Jenga >_>

    There were a lot more from that weekend, but my friend was a noob and accidentally deleted most of them >_> We were really drunk for most of it, so it's excusable >_>

  • Playing Roller-hockey for North-west england here in Sheffield... :=

    Ftfw <_<

    Facing off against North-East England here... (We won this game 5-2... I scored all 5 goals...) If there are any North-East people here, consider yourselves pwnt... >_>

    Against Central here... VV

    This is from a few months ago, when we played Wales... VV

    I r number 7 that day... vv

    oh, and the car on the way back... The moor's around Sheffield are scary for Townsfolk like me... <_< :P

  • I has hair p_o...the wind be blowin' it.

    I has a PS3 p_o...I be lovin' it.

    I has my lady<3...I be kissin' it.

    THE END.