JinX[TFL] & Feng Shui[TFL] & ellie[TFL] & peregrine[TFL] & budyser[Tyranny] -vs- MISSNOW[MITBBS] (TD:

  • This is one for the history books.

    A long while back, after yet another devastating fleet crash was posted by MISSNOW, my dear friend Thunderbird came to the group and expressed concern over the fate of this uni. Using uni 5 as an example, T-bird showed how two highly powerful ally mates can wipe a uni clean. With missnow and kitty becoming such a constant threat, someone had to stand up to them. I must say, we were not short on volunteers.

    I can't say how proud I am of this uni...SO many people offered help in all sorts of ways. To all my ally mates in TFL ... you all are top notch, I couldn't ask to be playing with a better group of people. Elite, you have built a powerhouse alliance. Come back and visit.

    To my friends whose fleets we had to save as backups, I know how much you all wanted to be a part of the attack. Starscream, mate...I would have loved flying with you again...but jinx said he owed you one...im not sure what that means =P lol...but you are my right hand man...and don't worry we fly together again soon 8-)

    To all of recycler friends, ex-targets included =P, you guys came through in the clutch with the extra debris hauls needed to make this hit possible. Thank you all, you know who you are.

    The hit cames after I learned that MISSNOW may be human after all. When 10k of her BCs got ninjad from her first account, I knew she was vulnerable. With her new account, should she begin to slip we could take her.

    I began probing her a lot during the times I thought she would be offline and developed a pretty clear picture of activity times. I found where she was keeping fleet...at least most of the time, and decided, based on habits, to launch on her at a likely time we might find her fleet. Got all the heavy hitters near and far to come for the slug fest...
    We launched blind...no espy till 40 minutes out. Espy came back clean...nothing but some scraps...uh oh...WHERE IS FLEET? Thought we were going to miss for sure...waited for a timer, but moon stayed active...something *'d the moon!! ...probed again...

    FINALLY...what i expected to get back hours earlier finally came home to rest... Couldn't have timed it much better without having any df to watch ... sometimes we all get lucky =P Sorry for the rude awakening this morning MISSNOW...glotr

    Next to all of the DF was recovered. A small portion of it ran missing but to whoever it was that snagged it...well, Merry Belated-Christmas.

    Enjoy the new #1 ACS attack in .org history

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  • well what to say !!

    it was an honor flying with you guys ! Feng you ROCK ! :D

    i see we got revenge to all the uni ;)

    thats why we are alliance RANK 1...we earned it ! we did prove that ranks doesnt shows players skills and ogame knowledge

    thank you for all who helped in acheiving this epic HIT, without you it couldnt been done.

    TFL FTW :D

    PS: elite, did you get a better birthday present ? happy birthday BOSS

  • 2nd!!!

    u stole it from me ellie ¬¬'
    thats bad move u know... :P

    what can i say! awesome smash there m8's :D

    i'm so proud to see that even rank 2 can end into ashes with enough teamwork :)

    good lesson u made there

    GLOTR or GLIRL deff, nice fleet u had? :XXD:

    Uni 24
    324 HoFs (78 Advanceds & 10 Top Tens)

    Stoped counting too long ago :beer:

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  • seen.the.massive.damage



  • Congratzzz new top 1 ogame.org in ACS (now my hof is only top2) great teemwork and amazing profit
    FR to defender or GLIRL if you quite

    Now i have bigger motivation to create next great battle (meybe again new top 1 in ACS)


  • Wow guys this is crazy congrats my tfl mates i will be out of vmode soon trust me and back to a complete rebuild i love you guys and thanks for getting her lol after she got me i was so mad but you guys have made me happy thanks guy enjoy it wow its so beautiful

  • Well MISSNOW....sh!t happens and then you die.

    It wasn't enough to be online 23½/7 I guess....happy rebuild.

  • Good to see TFL involved on this one, heard the bang from way down in the depths of uni 28.

    Defender i have heard many things and wish a fast recovery - attackers - way to go - Jinx, Pere and Bud good to see you guys all working together as one

    Proud proud day for Sharan - 10/10

    Keep up the good work

  • Well im not bothered what number i post on this hit.
    Its Just an Honour To Know these Amazing Players.
    Ive Very Sorry Feng that i couldnt help With Recs But Family comes First.

    Missnow NO FS = NO FLEET ... you have Said it many times before, I bet you Never Saw This Comming.

    I remember a player once said that you Were the Best player Who was in this Uni. Your Wrong Hub, Feng is the God.... I dont think any of you could understand the Planing that went into this.

    I gess its A Big Glotr MISSNOW if thats what you do ;)

  • amazing, simply amazing. Makes me proud to be a part of TFL. Great job to everyone involved, and excellent planning...way to head this up Feng Shui!!

    Just great to see everyone in TFL working together, combined with help from budyser and other Tyranny guys for rec support. Just a great show of the uni coming together and that anyone, no matter their size can be overtaken.

  • legendary hit mates:D, cant be better than that, i atched the DF popping LIVE, ellie was sending me updates ^_^, rly proud to eb one of this alliance here, and i wish i come bk from vmode soon:P
    keep up the gd work and the teamwork:P

  • Truly an epic hit!!!! A big congrats out to those who helped recycle, without you this hit doesnt happen...or doesnt look pretty anyways :P The fab5 levels the playing field a bit more for the uni!!! Was fun flying with you guys...geez what an exciting/nerve racking trip it was watching this thing go down. Feng very well planned!! This couldnt have been executed better IMO, so hats of to you!! Ellie everytime we fly together its a top 10, so maybe we should do it more often :P . Jinx, it was business as usual for us 8-) Peregrine, pretty nice first flight aye? Missnow....cant say i blame ya for being over confident with a fleet that size. Shouldnt take u long to start terrorizing the uni again...your still one of the best fleeters in the uni....GLOTR 8-)

  • congrats again & thx :D you know all about this hit I don't have nothing smart to say

    missnow gl in rl or fr


    We are the Borg.
    Lower your shields. Your biological and technological distinctivness will be added to our own.
    Resistance if futile!" ...

  • Many respect for the team work, i know how hard is to achieve this, congratulation on beatiful fight!

  • There is nothing worse than watching a universe slowly die . I've been in o game a long time and watched that happen too many times.

    The most impressive part of this hit is the team work and the risk you fellows were willing to take to make a little history here in uni 33.

    It could have gone the other way, easily. The defender's fleet was a work of o game art. Feng put his heart into this one and i am in awe of his success.
    He had some outstanding company and lots of help but in my book the credit must go first to him for his dedication to TFL and this universe.

    People keep saying the universe is dying. This success shows that there is a lot of life still in uni 33.

    It looks like there will be a lot of rebuilding going on, but then , that's what the game is about . If you forget that then it ceases to be a game.

    Fast rebuild to both the attackers and the defender.

  • :eek:

    Congrats on New NO 1 Hit, its really nice to see Missnow has an new NO 1 Fight but on the right side :)

    Congrats again its beautiful :)

    Don't worry Missnow, i bet you got another account

  • :eek: Holy sheeeeeeeeeet

    Great teamwork :P it had to come eventually, Great teamwork, great preparation, great hit :D Nuf said

    Missnow :D Take pleasure in the fact it took 5 fleeters to take you down, other than that :P GLOTR

  • This 1 really deserves :RESPECT:. Really nice job guys :eek: :grats: :grats:


  • Wow, what a HIT!! Can´t believe the fleet count on both sides! Now that I know whats floating around in uni 33 i´m gonna be real careful...lol