Moderator Team Structure and Assigned Areas

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  • The boards are provided and run by GameForge. The official representative for Gameforge is the Community Manager (CoMa). The CoMa is the most senior person within the board and has absolute authority over every aspect of Board and Game Administration at

    Current CoMa: piink

    Board Moderator Team:

    Board Administrators (BA)

    The BA's are responsible for every area of Board and Moderator team management, including (but not limited to) the configuration of the forums; hiring, assigning and monitoring Mods, GMods & SMods; user ban & unbanning and username & rank changes.


    Super Moderators (SMod)

    SMods have Moderator powers in all areas of the board. Each SMod also manages a team of specific Moderators and GMods assigned to them. When you have a complaint about a Mod, you may send the complaint to their SMod. In addition, SMods have the power to ban in emergencies and can change usernames and ranks.


    Global Moderator (GMod)

    GMods have Moderator powers in all areas of the board, but are also assigned a key section to Moderate.

    strider - Universes Zibal - Dorado

    Moderators (Mods)

    Moderators look after the forums they are assigned to. Moderators can Edit, Close or Move threads and posts in their assigned area. They can also place user warnings against individual posts which they judge to be violating the rules of the forums. If you disagree with a Moderating decision, then you may pm the Mod concerned or send a pm to their SMod. You should try to resolve the issue with the Mod in question first, but if you remain dissatisfied, then contact their SMod (or a BA if the dissatisfaction is with the SMod).

    arMakedon - Universes 1 - Xanthus + Account Trading
    Gebrunn - Universes 1 - Xanthus + Account Trading
    handicapparking - Universes 1 - Xanthus + Account Trading
    Marshmello - Universes 1 - Xanthus + Account Trading
    Rhayader - Universes 1 - Xanthus + Account Trading
    Andvari300 - Universes 1 - Xanthus + Account Trading
    Mavericks - Universes Zibal - Dorado
    Hatu -Universes Zibal - Dorado

    SMod Teams
    Feel free to pm any SMod if you wish to discuss any issues related to a Mod in their team.

    - arMakedon
    - blondu
    - handicapparking
    - Marshmello
    - Hatu
    - Mavericks

    - Gebrunn
    - Strider
    - Rhayader
    - Andvari300

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