OGotcha - Simple CR Converter for OGame v6+

  • I really like this converter for V6.

    Can someone reply here or send me a PM with a battle sim ( like speedsim ) for the V6 espionage rapports ?

    I started working on a converter, however it'll be difficult to make it the way I'm going to. And it'll will be time-consuming.
    It's hard to say if it'll work and when it'll be done.

    There's no option to add deuterium costs, despite the How-To claiming that it's possible.

    I know it's in the how-to, I'm still planning on adding it.

  • Hi,

    OGotcha got updated this morning to version 4.1.0.
    The update mostly contains new options to convert your combat report.


    • New => Option, Who got the debris. (The debris will be added as profit to that party its summary)
    • New => Option, skin selection
    • New => Option, custom report title (you can add a few different placeholders to the title to create you own custom one)
    • New => Option, layout ordering & selecting (you can now order & hide certain report parts)
    • New => Option, show the moonchance in the report
    • New => Option, show players their combat technologies in the report
    • New => Option, fuel costs for a party
    • Polish => When a string is not translated, that string will now fallback to English
    • Polish => By default damages in the title are now only from the main battle (excluding follow-up damages)
    • Polish => Fixed, Hide honour points in unhonourable battle
    • Bug => Fixed, Missile reports didn't work
    • Removed => Hypothetical moonchance, this is now available as a placeholder for a custom title

    Feedback is always welcome ! You can contact me via this board.
    If you have any problem you can post them here (Origin board).

    Have fun!


  • Hi,

    That's nice to hear Ladez, thanks ;)

    OGotcha just got updated to version 4.1.1.


    • Polish => Translation fixes
    • Polish => Link at bottom of report, translated & correct language link
    • Polish => When only end fleets are selected, in layout option, show the full fleet instead of "destroyed"

    Feedback is always welcome ! You can contact me via this board.

    Happy crashing! :missilelauncher:


  • OGotcha doesn't seem to calculate IPM attacks correctly. The error I'm getting seems to happen only when I input reports in which the missiles were shot down by anti ballistics.

    This is what I'm getting when inputting all my IPM reports, except for the ones mentioned above:


    The attacker used a total of 138 Interplanetary Missiles.
    These were destroyed on impact causing the attacker to lose 3.450.000 units.
    The defender lost 20.468.000 defence units after these attack(s).

    This is what happens when I input an additional report, with 30 missiled which were all shot down:


    The attacker used a total of 108 Interplanetary Missiles.
    These were destroyed on impact causing the attacker to lose 2.700.000 units.
    30 Anti-Ballistic Missiles were used to stop the Interplanetary Missiles.
    The defender lost 20.768.000 defence units after these attack(s).

    The missiles seem to have been subtracted instead of added. This behaviour is not consistent, with another report (also 30 missiles, all shot down) the missiles were neither added nor subtracted and the number stayed constant.

    I'm adding all the API keys in a spoiler below, so you can test for yourself. The two missile reports that I've marked orange are the ones with all missiles shot down.

    Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son-of-a-bitch in space.

  • Hi Warsaalk,

    Two questions for you !

    Is there any way to contribute to some custom skins, like we can do with Topraider ?

    Is it possible to save our language choice ? I still have the english version when I get on the homepage, and have to switch to French to get the reports in the proper language. I know I would "just" have to bookmark the https://ogotcha.universeview.be/fr link to get it working, but I still have the TopRaider addon installed, that allows us to send directly the API to Ogotcha :

    When I do so, I have the english language by default, denying the ease of using that button.

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  • Hi everyone,

    OGotcha had a small database problem like 15 to 30 minutes ago due to an adjustment I made.

    I've updated an index and that took a bit longer than expected, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    The positive side to it is that searching in the public report section on player names & communities should be a lot faster.

    From about 3 to 15 seconds it went down to around 100 milliseconds.



  • Issue Ogotcha is dropping the reaper harvest from the api. when you just convert and select attacker getting the debrie so it shows less, per what the reapers harvested right after combat.

    after the cr api is converted.

  • Hi,

    I noticed that war reports don't have translations of the names of new ships:

    (Polish translations)

    Pathfinder - Pionier

    Reaper - Rozpruwacz

    Crawler - Pełzacz

    (Czech translations)

    Pathfinder - Průzkumník

    Reaper - Rozparovač

    Crawler - same name (crawler)

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