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  • Hi,

    There is something strange in the calculation for a 60% debris universe. Here are two simulations, in the first the attacking fleet is against 5 RIP, and there is more than 2kk of debris, in the other the fleet is defending against another fleet, loses, and there are less than 2kk of debris (even if the moonchance is set to 20%).

    Against 5 RIP: https://trashsim.universeview.…51-446e-9c55-190f5800315a
    Defending: https://trashsim.universeview.…b1-4c6f-920f-fae51606e4f2


  • I cannot edit the above, (if a mod can merge the two posts together would be great), but I found the problem: from the second simulation, if you remove the reaper, the debris count is correct.

  • I got a different the result than the sim, could you explain why that is?



    Result: cr-fr-170-a92890abfbeab0c254aa295af68075b8ea5d0178

    Thanks for your work

  • I have 3 more instances of inacurate results. 5000 simulation says 100% win and I get draws




    There were more inacurate predictions but I didn't save the fights. I'm curious what causes this

  • Warsaalk

    Another promised win taken from the attacker:

    api: cr-de-1-75c2ef0f647396aa60ef08cde2df6ec623114c11

    trashsim share link: https://trashsim.universeview.…7f-4157-a4d9-b70e4403919f

    Alternatively here are screenshots: 7 cruisers vs 1 small shield dome [plus some transporters that I ignored]

    I suppose one cannot give any advice beyond "add x% to your ships", right? agreed that 6 are not enough while 7 are.

    and…dorbatalla.aspx?idi=en-us said 7 cruisers give me a 30% chance to win while 8 give me 100%.

  • Here's another fight that was predicted to be 100% win and turned out to be a draw


    It's in rosalind universe 6x speed and ect but I don't think any of that changes anything. Maybe the miscalculation has to do with the greater shield? I don't know..

  • For some reason the Sim doesn't function for me. It says that I should have had Chrome of last version but my browser is Google Chrome 81.0.4044.122 (official built), (64 bit)... What am I doing wrong?

  • said 7 cruisers give me a 30% chance to win while 8 give me 100%.

    Hi, I'm going to focus on your case a bit :)

    First, I've tested it in OSimulate and that gives me exactly the same result...

    Did I perhaps miss something?

    Secondly but more important, I've also manually calculated the battle!

    The small shield dome should be completely destroyed in round 6 because its hull is below 0!

    And this doesn't even take into account the explosion probability on every hit which the SC's would trigger.

    If you seen anything I've missed, please to tell me :)

    I'd want to test this in the dev uni's but Gameforge took away our tools to be able to test specific cases like this, because of a few fools messing with it to much :sad2:

    I've asked them on multiple occasions to help us again, but we're getting little to no response...

    Kind regards,


  • Huh, I cannot replicate what I said about OSimulate. Shame on me for not adding screenshots there, too, so we just have to assume that I was an idiot. :D


    And this doesn't even take into account the explosion probability on every hit which the SC's would trigger.

    SC fire before cruisers, don't they? So that shields are unaffected let alone the hull due to the 1% rule.

    Given your excel simulations, shall I file a bug report? It does not make a difference that I perhaps was researching weapons tech at that time, does it? Please no! :D

  • I'd like to suggest a swap button between defender and attacker. That way the simulator could move the info already imported to defender and it could be used as a defense simulator without having to have someone probe you to get you a report.

  • here the same prob!

    Uni DE Quasar, 70% Debris UNI

    Calculation foir 2860 Espionage Probes is 1.876.000 Crystal - but must be ~2.000.000

  • One more question, the "Fuel consumption:" is always showing much more then the game its self, but the flight time is right. Im in swe nekkar

  • Dear all,

    Is there any simulator more accurate then this one ? It actually says i win 100% at 3 rounds and it always end up in a draw. Currently, it has not simmed any of my battles right.