TrashSim - OGame combat simulator

  • Hi everyone,

    After releasing the OGotcha converter I started working on a new combat simulator.
    Yesterday I released TrashSim version 1.0.0.
    You can load espionage reports via the API key, even for your ACS partners.
    Also server settings are filled automatically!


    Still to be added: a How-to section & a IPM simulator.
    Please take note that the simulations happen in your browser, so large simulations could take a while.
    An advice would be to lower the number of simulations in the settings block.

    Official OGame Origin thread: TrashSim on OGame Origin
    It's still in the process of being tolerated, Origin is reorganising the whole toleration process, hopefully it'll be done soon!
    But no worries there's nothing that could block the sim from being tolerated :)

    Have fun :missilelauncher:


  • Where can I get API for my fleet and settings?

    Also, maybe one problem with calculating how many recs is needed. Looks like there is 25k ress of cargo in your code.

    Looks very nice and will be used. :)

    Be cool, be actuary.

  • Have to say, I quite dig it. I see on the Origin board that you're already planning simulation of IPM attacks and multiple waves. With those two features added I will be a very happy man. But regardless, TrashSim has already become my go-to battle simulator. :)

    I also have a few wishes for minor usability changes:

    • Save the fleet and techs of the attacker locally and fill it back in on page load. Saving the number of simulations would also be appropriate, I think.
    • In the debris section, an input for how many recyclers you have. For when you don't have enough.
    • Include fuel usage in the profits, so you only have to look in one place for the profitability of an attack.

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  • Take care using this sim saying profit 30kk infact i lost 30kk rofl

    Sim result

    Losses Profit *


    Attacker: (Hilarious): 59.258M
    Resources:0, Loot: 0%
    Debris field (newly created): 28.96M

    Defender: (armorlord): 47.036M
    Actually repaired: 8.572

    More details

  • for sure

    65k lf and 5k cruisers vs 11 rips and some def

    Combat report cr-en-131-2f38bd01ff14c46961c36e0b530a2020a9a4b611
    spy report sr-en-131-237dea56f99f61af7bafccbfe9eb4db690123962

    over 8h of preparation really liiked your sim but allways give bad result

    i had another player to 20 rips on hes planet, same attack fleets it say i would have got 60kk profit, in fact i lost over 60kk points :)

    case 3. i made a top 10 2 days ago

    when i added fleets for acs from another player, i lost 30kk profit, when other player simply add a probe, i get 30kk profit more ??? let us know when its totaly fixed, until then i go unforthanly back to speedsim, that gived the correct result..

  • Quote

    65k lf and 5k cruisers vs 11 rips and some def

    What did you expect? The bouncing effect does that to you mate :)

    But I hear you, you jave to compare loses with profit. I think you must have misread the numbers,

  • Hmm still dont understand how to use this sim then as this was and is still the result using trashsim so i dont think i missread..

  • I found the problem.

    When your ships' attack is lower then 1% of the target unit its shield the shot will be bounced.
    In this example the RIPS would be destroyed if YellowMan had weapon tech at level 17, because his cruisers would than be able to damage the RIPs.
    Now the shots from his LF & CR will all bounce of the RIPs their shield, so they didn't even get any damage.

    I already tested it and I get the correct result.
    I'll try to upload the change as soon as possible and I'll let you know when it's done.

  • Thanks doesnt really care about the los, rank 6 eco :p just liked the sim and wanted it to be fixed. as its quit beauty and easy to use
    Thanks for the support war.


  • Tactical retreat ratio is not being calculated correctly. ;(

    Civil ships are supposed to only count for 1/4 of their value, but it seems that the full value is being added instead. I've confirmed this by modifying the code from this site, which I've used before, to use the full values and compared them with TrashSim.

    As a result, the defender has less points than is reported by the sim, which means that you're very likely to send too many ships if you're going for that 1:4.99 ratio. :(

    Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son-of-a-bitch in space.

  • Was planning on releasing everything when the IPM simulator was finished.
    But I stumbled upon some calculation changes, so I decided to release the fixes earlier.
    Enjoy ;):missilelauncher:

    Let me know if it's ok now.

    Update 1.0.4


    • Polish, subtract fuel costs from profit
    • Polish, added tooltips to profit header
    • Fix, fleet ratio calculation
    • Fix, unit doesn't do damage if attack is to low
    • Fix, word-wrap in Firefox

    I will start the translation process as soon as the IPM simulator is finished, thanks for you patience.