Players helping Players

  • Objective

    To help NEW ACCOUNTS in this universe with a ress starter package and prevent the death of the universe in the next couple of months

    Players with new accounts in this universe will receive a starter package. We all know how hard it is to get started starting from nothing - specially if you're an experienced player; everything seems to take forever. For the newbies completely new to this game, its a learning process.

    Drop me a PM and I will get you sorted out

    IGN: unclesam

    Welcome to Quantum!

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  • Good to see a post like this one here again, it has been a while.

    I would spare a couple kk res for players starting new accounts too. Just drop me a PM in game - no strings attached btw. ;)

  • Add me to the list. Nubs ingame me.

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  • Welp I'll get behind this too what's the sense in being in dramis if I don't help out new players.


    If your looking for a care package make sure we are not in vmode first, saw a request come in last night but I'm in vmode as my wife is at 39 1/2 weeks of 40 weeks and having contractions on and off. I won't be on for a few days/weeks

  • After our recent hit I would like to allocate a portion of the profit to this project. Any player below 500k points may contact me and I will send you 10 million resources, accounts below 20k points will get 2 million res. I will also provide moonshots for 2 moons for players between 500k and 1 million points (noob protection...). This will start from 20/04/16 when I have more time.


  • Drop me a message.
    I will match Firestorm's offer. Lets help the new players.


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  • great to see this thread still alive :)

    i can give some resources too pm ingame:


    Blackmass thanks for the Signature :)

  • I would like to be a part of this

    Therefore, I will provide the following "care packages" for anyone in these point brackets that approaches me...

    Players less than 250.000 Points
    2.000.000 metal, 1.000.000 crystal and 500.000 deuterium

    Players between 250.001 Points and 500.000 Points
    4.000.000 metal, 2.000.000 crystal and 1.000.000 deuterium

    Players between 500.001 Points and 750.000 Points
    6.000.000 metal, 4.000.000 crystal and 2.000.000 deuterium

    Players between 750.001 Points and 1.000.000 Points
    8.000.000 metal, 6.000.000 crystal and 3.000.000 deuterium

    Also, players out of noob protection who have less than 2 moons can contact me to receive up to a total of 2 moons

    Depending on how much demand there is you may not receive these aid packages immediately

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  • Just to add -- I will be mirroring Kaldor's offers to all new players.

    Please PM lynn/urza ingame.

  • ill copy what kaldor said
    pm me if you want any help :)

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