Universe Quaoar discussion

  • wow thats stupid, already the differnce between pay to win, pay to grow and others is showing, top guy has 2,900 points, guy who is second has 200. This is part of the reason no servers actually last long.

  • Ya know. I created an account on the server. Was really gonna get back into the game and kick some butt.

    Checked the HighScore page for shiggles, to see how well people were doing.

    Saw #1 has 3141 points.
    Saw #2 has 242 points.
    Set account for deletion.

    GameForge has driven every one of their great games into the ground. NosTale, terrible now. Ogame, terrible now. Rune of Magic, when they bought it from RuneWalker, made it cash shop - terrible now. Goodbye forever Ogame. I shant miss the cash shop games you call top notch.

  • some guy on cygnus got to 10k points the first day, then got crashed 5-6 days later and quit

    just saying...

  • No seriuosly whats the point of opening new uni? Even like this we dont have too much players who plays..in quantum you have 75% in vmode or inactives ..

    Agree. Better merge the fast universes with eachother and the slow universes so you have 3 options (1x eco and fleet, 3x eco and fleet, 5x eco and fleet). Do not make it difficult and keep it active. Less is more.


    “Nobody panics when things go “according to plan”. Even if the plan is horrifying!” - Joker

  • Boasting 100 Million users is also misleading. There is no way theres that many players. I dont even think theres that many ACCOUNTS...

  • or just rotate them......speed uni..slow uni....dif uni..... 30% .......70%...... sp many variables yet you took a poll....yet you took the result and seem to be totally besotted by it......is this what we all have to look forward to...same..same same.....im aware my opinion counts for little (and probably rightly so) but launching the same thing twice in a row.....not sure i would go for a three course meal of prawn cocktail, followed by prawn cocktail and a fine desert of prawn cocktail.....

  • Hey!

    Jois, the nicest guy in the uni, is here!

    Iam sry GF, we don't need any new servers at all. We only need to merge all servers to one or two servers!


    Xalynth - 24 Hofs
    Fidis - 2 Hofs
    Vega - a couple!

    Iam the nicest guy in the uni...

  • why same uni? because polaris has proven to be a gold mine for gf since there is sh*tload of people that got crashed multiple times and bought their way back to the top (some spent ~10 000$ so far)
    that's why it's the same, gf wants another chicken that lays golden eggs :crazy::crazy::crazy:

    @quazar or whatever is the name of new .us uni
    NO ACS option gives nice advantage about not FSing your fleet, but you people keep forgeting that part with 70% df which gives you option to take your whole fleet and hit strongest guy in uni and still be on 0 total loss or even some profit, then take 3 people to hit themselves into no.1 and he is down... not so hard