Universe Section Rules

  • Universe Section Rules

    This section is designed to help players communicate about everything happening in their Universe. Here you can declare wars, present your alliance, find tradepartners and talk about everything else happening in the Universe. The section can be sorted by clicking the labels in the universedescription or the label on a thread. This way you can easily list all trades, alliances, headhunts or wars.

    The labels that can be found in this section and what they mean:

    Headhunt: Someone is searching for a Headhunter or is offering Headhunter services
    Moonshot: Someone is searching for Moonshots or offers to make some
    Ress-Trade: Someone wants to trade ressources, which kind and how much can often be found in the title already
    Alliance Intro: Here an Alliances introduces themself and usually looks for new players
    Alliance Search: A player searches for an Alliance
    War Declaration: Multple players or alliances declare war on another alliance. Some special rules apply for these, take a look at the explanation before delcaring a war
    CR-Thread: Here the CRs from a War get posted. Don't comment in them, they are only for CRs. The comments should be posted in the Wardeclaration
    Spam: In these threads you can spam, but keep it civil and don't insult eachother
    Misc: Just general talk about the universe that doesn't match any other category

    Links to further explanations of the rules
    What is a war and how to declare it?
    Rules and advices for trading
    Rules for headhunts

  • What is a war?

    - A war is when two or more alliances engage in hostile actions against each another to decide who is the strongest.
    - When a war is declared, it begins immediately and 12 hours later the bashing rule is lifted, meaning players no longer need to limit their attacks to 6/planet/day.
    - When no new posts are made in the "CR-Thread" for 7 days OR the "CR-Thread" is closed, the war is over.

    How to declare a war:

    To properly declare a war the thread must have the title “[declaring player/alliance] vs. [alliance/alliances]”.
    War can be declared on multiple alliances, but not by multiple alliances.
    If allied alliances want to declare a war on an alliance they must create separate threads.

    Be advised An alliance is only allowed to declare war against ten other alliances (wings are considered an alliance). This can be done via ten different war declaration threads, one declaration thread against ten alliances, or any mix thereof that adds up to a total of ten wars. This only applies to alliances declaring war. This does not limit the number of wars an alliance can be involved in. For instance, you can have twenty alliances declare war on a single alliance (this does not effect the quota of the single alliance). Each war must have it's own "CR-Thread".

    A single player may declare war but only if they do not have an alliance. If they are in a single person alliance, it must be disbanded before the war starts.

    Neither an alliance nor a single player can declare on a single player (even if that player has an alliance of which he/she is the only member).

    There are two threads allowed for each war: the declaration thread and one combat report "CR-Thread". The "CR-Thread" is for combat reports only and any posts on this thread that do not have a CR will receive a spam warning.
    All CRs must follow the Combat Report Rules and should be converted using CR Converters or similar.

    Further Guidelines

    • Only members of the warring alliances may post in a "CR-Thread".

    • Espionage attacks and attacks where there is no resource captured and neither attacker nor defender suffered any losses are not valid and will be warned as spam.

    • IPM (interplanetary missile) attacks are allowed in "CR-Threads".

    • Links to combat reports are allowed, but not encouraged.

    • For a war to be valid, it must be in this section. Archived war threads (Declaration and CRs only thread) are no longer valid.

    • If multiple alliances want to fight against each other, they can declare a war with fixed conditions, eg. no IPMs, or targets that can get reached and end an war.

    • All users that will participate in the war need to be named with their current points in the wardeclaration. Tables of all members of an alliance can be easily found on those two pages: https://www.mmorpg-stat.eu/ (search for the alliance and click "other information") or http://www.war-riders.de/?lang=org (a screenshot attached via the attachmentfunction is enough too)

      • As a clarification to the above, all players in each alliance at the time of declaration must be listed. If a player is not willing to participate in the war, they should leave the alliance until the war has ended.
    • If a player leaves one of the warring alliances, the bashlimit will be active on him again 12 hours after he left the alliance.

    There is only one format of a war, but which can be ended multiple ways:

    • CR-Thread has no posts for 7 days

    • CR-Thread got closed by a moderator

    • One of the partys of the war doesn't exist anymore, eg. alliance disbanded

    • The partys agree with eachother to end the war

    • A target set by the declaring party was reached, eg. all moons destroyed, 200 million units destroyed, name change of enemy alliance (in this case a namechange can end a war)

    A namechange of either party does not end the war. An alliance must disband completly to end the war, but can reform after the war ended under the same name again.

    Special Rule:
    If a War gets declared and within the first 7 days there is no valid CR posted in the CR-Thread (effectively 7 days + 12 hours because of the bashrule and real warstart), the War ends and the declaring player AND alliance aren't allowed to declare a new war for a month in that universe.
    This also applies if a major player of an alliance affected by this rule switches alliances. The remaining time of the warban will then also apply to the new alliance.


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  • Rules and advices for trading

    - Offering accounts, resources, attacks etc, for real money is absolutely forbidden and is a direct violation of the Gameforge Terms & Conditions.

    - Begging for ressources is forbidden

    - There are 2 categories for trade:

    • Moonshot - This is for people who wish to exchange or buy moonshot attempts.

    • Ressource trades - This is for people who have excess resource that they wish to trade on a one-time offer basis or are searching for a trading partner for frequent trades

    - Traders should specify the quantities they wish to trade.

    • If posting a moonchance, the percentage, the DF or the amount of ships must be stated (e.g. 20% or 2M DF or 715 LF)

    • If posting details of a single transaction, you must state the amounts you wish to trade, the resources you offer and seek, plus your preferred trading rate.

    • If posting to find a regular trading partner, you should include as much useful information as possible; e.g. details of how often you wish to trade, the amount and your preferred rate. However, this information can be exchange via pm if preferred.

    - excessive threadbumping can be warned, keep it reasonable

    - On completion of a trade or if the trade is no longer valid, the topic creator should post 'please close' in the topic. Note: Moderators may close and archive older threads at their discretion.

    - Please remember! This section is provided for your convenience only. All trades are done at your own risk. The staff do not enforce/police trades that are arranged on the boards. We recommend that all traders ensure that the lowest-ranked trader delivers their resources first; thereby allowing a degree of protection from the pushing rules.

  • Rules for Headhunts

    Do not post any valid information about the hunted person here

    - This includes Coordinates, fleet and anything that could give advantages to other players than the headhunter.

    - Information about the target should be shared via PM.

    Bounties/Headhunts MUST be approved by the GameOperators BEFORE they happen. They can ONLY be paid for after the conditions of the bounty/headhunt have been fullfilled.
    When you found a headhunter and want to write the ticket, consider these things and provide the needed information in the ticket:

    • if player who is going to do headhunt is higher ranked than you, you can pay him: 100% loses, deuterium consumption and up to 5% of profit from hit.
    • if player who is going to do headhunt is lower ranked than you, you can pay him: any amount not surpassing in points the difference between the two players
    • if player who is going to do headhunt is similar rank to you, you can pay him: 100% loses, deuterium consumption and up to 10% of profit from hit)
    • write in ticket name of the target, name of the hunter, expected result, time to complete the hunt
    • when GO allows, you can start the headhunt
    • once the headhunt is over, answer to the initial ticket and provide the combat report, recycling report
    • when GO approves the bounty payment - PAYMENT CAN BE DONE (not before that)
    • Payment is done, a transport report is provided (optional)

    IPM launches are not considered attacks, and are not eligible to be posted here. Please also note that you may not pay a higher player to launch IPMs for you, or you could be banned for pushing.

    Notify the Moderator of this forum when the headhunt is finished so he can close.


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