TOP-10 SAnitY [BcS] & RGamer [HOT] vs. shockwave [CLOSED] [TOT: 14.810.040.000]

  • I love the insults rocky adds to player names, Drama Montana and Garbonzo (especially the last one is my particular favourite) yet these cheating accusations follow you in every single universe so either everybody is " :censored::D

    I'm not in anyway shape or form calling this hit a push as i have no idea on the comings and goings of cygnus, but a quick look at gamestats proves what everyone with a brain cell can see when it follows these players. I am especially ashamed of Sweeny for associating himselves with these scourge of ogame.

    As for the hit itself very nice, though i do believe Grinder locked the deploy as rocky isnt that talented!! Mike stop pretending to be me in messages :D I know I'm your hero but it isn't classy.

    I'll take my trolling points and wear them like a badge of honour!!

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    stop with the insults.. plus cheating accusations don't belong here

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  • Meanwhile this hit was done with instant moon and gate and you've instant 20b resources in a couple weeks. Yet some people will still believe you haha.

    Seriously though blackbeard...the only one with integrity of the bunch is sweeney

  • :censored:
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