Account Trading Rules

  • Account Trading Rules

    Currently the Game-Team can't help you with account trades/giveaways. All account exchanges are at your own risk.

    - Don't post your lobby's password, if you're giving an account away. Sharing a lobby is also against the Game-Rules.

    - Don't post your giveaway token/code, if you're giving an account away. Send these codes only via PM.

    - Threadbumping allowed only once every 7 days. The only exception is to request your thread be closed.

    - If you are interested in an Account, get in contact with the Account Holder on PM. Users can't reply here, it makes trading safer. The same goes if you offer an Account.

    - Contact is only allowed via PM/Conversation. Breaking this rule can result in a permanent ban on the board. This also includes telling someone via PM/Conversation to contact you via Skype/Discord/E-Mail/whatever. If you recieve such an PM/Conversation, just use the report button and we will take care of it.

    - It goes: Account for Account, not Account for resources or money. You can always give away an Account as a gift or search for one though.


    There are 2 trading labels, one of which you must choose:

    • Give-away - You want to give away your account for free.
    • Search - You can ask for someone to give you their account for free.

    Please note: It is against the T&C of Gameforge to Buy or Sell accounts. If proven that the account has been sold, it will result in a ban of this account.


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