Board Moderator Applications [OPEN]

  • We are looking for new Mods to join the team!

    What we look for in a Moderator:

    • being able to understand broken english
    • fluent in written english
    • daily activity on the board
    • ability to work as part of a team
    • you are open to recieve and give feedback
    • you are atleast 18 years old

    You are matching these criteria and want to be a moderator? Then send us an application to the email address below. Write a bit about yourself, your game experience and why you want to be a moderator. Don't forget to add your board username too ;)

    To become a moderator you need to sign a Data Protection Agreement after you got accepted. For that you need to disclose your Address and provide a valid ID (Passport, Driving License or similar). The personal data provided is only seen by the CoMa (a GF employee).

    Apply via Conversation to Cassandra Vandales or Rav3n .

    Good luck with your application
    The OGame.Org Board Admin Team


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  • *bump*

    We're still eagerly recruiting new mods, so please feel free to PM us if you want to help out and have a few hours a day to spare! :thumbsup:

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