EXTop 10 Ex-Polaris - [TOT: 25.890.486.000] TheWeeknd [GH6] vs. Moggy Mayhem [Naked] (A: 5.574.645.000, D: 20.315.841.000)

  • I always felt untouchable, and Karma is still stripping in Vegas.

    Off to Vegas next year so I'll have to check her out. :)

    I honestly think we'll look back at the last 2 weeks of this universe as pivotal.
    When Moggy went down some serious and heartfelt conversations were had internally about whether we had any chance of bringing you guys down without him.
    It's no secret Moggy was the driving force behind the Emp ninja, he planned at least 50% of it and it wouldn't have happened without him, so him being crashed was a real loss.

    Now everything has changed. We'll see you out there in the stars!

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    Just passin' through (again).

  • Sorry i'm late! (ouch, no, not on the face)

    Congrats on the NN1, Weeknd!

    It's sad to see Moggy go - you were great fun to play with, mate, and hopefully we'll have another spell some time. I'm glad to see you've put the acc to work, too, those were some pretty fleetcrashes along the way - and one of them dwarfs them all ;)

    Smooches to all.

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