【SithLord】【Recruiting】The Sith Lords

  • Hello Universe Wezn :hi: ,

    The Sith Lords Alliance was formed very recently, and we are at the moment recruiting for new members.
    Some of us are *Ghosts from the Past*, having more 5-10 years of experience in the game, but all of us are enthusiastic about space adventures.

    While we are looking for old veterans who retired and came back to share old memories, we welcome new guns too, irrespective of you being a Fleeter or a Miner.
    However we have a member limit of 10, so only 5 more slots are available currently.

    We have a Discord server dedicated for us, where we hang-around and coordinates stuffs and share Intel etc. Non-alliance members, specially dear Duet traders <3 are welcome to join there too (Unrestricted areas).

    :love: Requirements to join :love:

    • Discord (Must)
    • Rank higher than 800 (Will change over time)
    • Being active (RL happens sometimes, which is totally fine)

    Those who are interested, send an application, which will be processed within 4 hours.

    Happy Fleeting/Mining everyone

    Lol what to say.. Been there.. Done that!