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  • So everyone knows this game is on a downward trend...Its dying. Anybody who wants to argue with me on that point can attempt to put together a proper argument. Unfortunately, with Game Forge refusing to conduct a merge due to whatever reasoning they have had, its not looking good. The only thing GF keeps doing is saturating an already dwindling player base with more and more new universes. I'm glad they are enjoying making money off of the few players who drop hundreds of dollars on this game, but the rest of us are left in the dust. Each universe has about 100 active players who are worth mentioning, at best. And now we have a dwindling STAFF who 1) can't do their job properly, 2) won't do their job properly, or 3) don't have enough time nor patience (I don't blame em) to do their job properly. Whats a good incentive for getting more, quality staff? Pay them a bit more than they are now. Last time I worked as a moderator here, we got what...2 coupons ever 3 months? How about 3 coupons monthly. That would get a proper staff. I would absolutely come back as a staff member and do what I could to help if the compensation was similar to what I mentioned. I apologize if this turned into a rant, but I needed to get this off my chest.


    1) Understaffed moderator/game operator pool due to no one's fault but Game Forge's.
    2) Heavily saturated amount of universes due to the continuation of new servers.
    3) Dwindling player base due to the above-stated points and Game Forge's money-hungry attitude.
    4) The absolute joke of a "newsletter" and "Q&A".
    5) Supreme lack of new implementations in the game (no new ships, etc...this was occasional but interesting in the game).


    1) Event servers. These are fun and is a way to bring players from other universes together WITHOUT taking them from said other universes permanently.
    2) Some of the in-game events (not the ones that encourage you to buy things).
    3) GF's newsletters and Q&A (yes, it has a positive. It means GF sees a little more than dollar signs in this game).
    4) Some of the proper, old-school staff are still around and doing good work.

    End note:

    Anyone remember Cassandra? I have a foggy memory but after she left this game just plummeted. I gotta give props to some of the old-school staff still here and doing good work. The only request I have from you is please be part of the positive change. Keep getting on the GF representatives about merges. Talk to them about limiting the extra universes being made. Bring up a potential increase in "payment" for staff to bring in new people. If you guys are already doing some or all of those things, then thank you for trying to help. I gotta tell you, as much as its nice to make resources 6x as fast and fly 6x faster, I sure do miss non-ACS 1x speed days. It was less hectic and more tactical. This game was actually fun back then.

  • I am going to play devil's advocate here, and defend (some of) GF for once.

    Merges were really planned for the end of 2017, but didn't come as a result of being broken. I don't have any details on that, so I don't know much about it, but something, somewhere went wrong, and GF is at the moment literally incapable of giving us the merges even though it was their plan.
    GF also went through a massive round of lay-offs, losing almost 100 employees about a year ago. For a company of GF's size, that is pretty f'ing big, and was bound to have noticeable consequences throughout all their platforms. The lay-offs came as a result of a decision to scrap work on mobile platforms, and as a result many of the people let go were developers. The current lack both of new innovations of the game as well as the still broken merge system, is most likely tied to a general lack of developers. It's been years since GF had OGame specific developers, so those we have are responsible for several games at once.

    I am not saying I like the end result any more than you do, but the situation is a bit more complicated than it seems.

  • I absolutely do agree with you. But here is the problem...This game was absolutely booming with a huge community. It was awesome. I made tons of friends playing this game. Then they released the officers. There was a big backlash and we lost a lot of players, but not enough that the game was in trouble. The game was in trouble when more and more paid advantages started getting dropped. GF got greedy and now they are paying for it. They have nobody to blame for their problems aside from themselves.

  • Officers created a huge backlash, yes, but I will grant that it was a necessary step to finance the game. I understand it is a business and needs to turn a profit.

    I have mentioned before, and do now again, that I believe RD was the real game killer. OD was designed with the player's needs in mind. Though toying with the concept since officers, RD marked the real shift towards commercialism. Selling a product now became much more important than offering players a good experience. I mean for Christ's sake, my current PC is 8 times as fast as what I had back then, and my connection 20 times as fast, and OD anno 2010 still outperforms RD anno 2018 in terms of loading times. And the design is pretty much unplayable without AGO. Not to mention how ugly it is as well.
    I believe the game could have survived with officers and relocations as the only premium features, if they had just continued to innovate the game around these concepts. RD was the ultimate F U towards the players, and the resulting accelerated decline precipitated the need for more premiums, which is turn further alienated the players.

  • My 2 cents, lack of merge isn’t a game killer, it’s annoying for those of us in a dead uni but you tend to be heavily invested by that point.

    New unis is a real killer. I joined Virgo (my first new uni in at least 5 years) and 6 weeks later there was another opened, then an event server, now another one! With the current player base that’s obviously unsustainable. If they want to do stuff like that they should have more limited time event servers where you get a winner at the end. That gives the early DM burners time to have their fun and actually have a victor. Only open sporadic long term universes and you instantly appease the baying for merges.

    Comments on the staff are a bit of a generalisation. But there are a number of sub par staff (as well as some very good). The ticket system isn’t fit for purpose any more. For example, a friend was incorrectly banned for bashing - he served his 3 day ban before anyone even checked his ticket and apologised for the mistake. No come down on the staff member. No compensation for lost res and time.

    Other example includes a serious bug in large battles we have monitored and recorded data on and reported on at least 4-5 times at which point we get told “it’s just lag”. It isn’t lag at all, it’s a specific bug and we never get an acceptable answer no matter how high it goes. They just don’t care enough for fixing specific things and perfecting late stage issues.

    Priorities should be to stop excessive openings of new long term unis and sort out the support infrastructure.

    Edit: I also agree with DD on the redesign. A slicker version would be much appreciated for those of us who play seriously. Also, why the hell isnt there an iPhone app yet!!!?

  • Welcome to the future of gaming

    where a small portion of playerbase that has been sucked into microtransactions, gets to dictate game developament...and it pays off huge

  • I get the distinct impression that the players care more about the game than does GameForge. Every few months a thread is started but the response is a big fat zero except "we have passed the info to the powers that be." Nothing ever comes of it.

    If the merge program was broken and GF really wanted to do some, they would have fixed it by now.

    Back in Sept 17 when the last thread on a similar subject was started, I summarised the stats for all 28 servers from mmorpg-stat and got some very disappointing results worldwide.

    There were 453608 registered accounts
    Only 112392 were active
    With 19152 in v mode
    And 322064 inactive not v moded

    This represents only 24.78% actually active !!!! Considering that a fair proportion probably play 2 unis, it is fair to say that less than 100,000 are active WORLDWIDE.

    My suspicion is that the situation is far worse now, though strangely, mmorpg-stat has now dropped this info.

    The simple question that GF need to answer is....

    Are GF going to do anything to reverse the trend, or just preside over the death of a once great game?

    Until that is answered, further discussion, analysis, suggestions etc are just a waste of time.
    The lack of contributions to this thread seem to indicate that many who previously contributed to similar threads have got the message and don't want to waste their time.

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  • ...and dont forget all script users, multiple-accounts and all other pushing activities. GF need to toughen the rules and ban cheaters for more than one or two weeks! pronto!

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    Fidis - 2 Hofs
    Vega - a couple!

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  • Script users, bot users and cheaters have been around since the start of ogame. It will never cease, especially with advancement in technology.

    I've always enjoyed the social side of ogame if im honest, building up a fleet and hunting with alliance mates, i move from uni to uni (usually with the same friend group) playing just whilst it's active or they all quit. I've played in uni's alone and it's just not the same for me personally.

    I've never really understood the majority of the decisions GF have made, There hasn't been a new ship since the BC and i'm not sure but i think that was more than 10 years ago. It wouldn't even have to be rolled out to every uni, just a new server and then perhaps rolled out across all uni's if proven popular.

    The merges i feel are also a game changer, either way eventually someone gets screwed over due to the merge, if they were to merge rhea now, if merged with other older 5x speed uni's many of us there wouldn't stand even a remote chance against fleeters from izar for example.

    it is ridiculous that a new uni is opened every 6-8 weeks, every time it lowers the player base in the older uni's just that little bit more, i don't mind rebuilds if i lost fleet, but the new players don't seem to enjoy it, it's part and parcel of the game, but many new players think "fck it, there's a new uni in 2/3 weeks, ill just take a break till then" the feature of the wreck build i think personally was a fantastic idea, it does suck however if you're ninjad as you lose the lot.

    i liked the RD, it did certainly take some time to get used to however. i like how we can vote for new universe options, it feels like the players are given the option, although i still think GF have decided on the uni settings before we get our vote.

    i would like to see the COMA more active here, i remember cassandra, although i can't remember her exact title etc she was bloody active and a very good presence on the forums.

  • i would like to see the COMA more active here, i remember cassandra, although i can't remember her exact title etc she was bloody active and a very good presence on the forums.

    Thanks for the flowers, but I was only a Board Admin for a few years :) I agree though, activity is always key.

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  • Thanks for the flowers, but I was only a Board Admin for a few years :) I agree though, activity is always key.

    Well hey there stranger! Come back to see our misery??? :D:D

    I agree with everything said above. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Lets review my accounts real quick:

    Rhea - 2 months ago I was in an alliance of active fleeters/miners. I am now by myself outside of the now-disbanded alliance due to various reasons. A few of these players were actually former staff members, which is how we met.

    Polaris - Also roughly 1-2 months ago I was in an alliance of mostly active fleeters with a miner or two. I am now by myself, still remaining inside the alliance for now with 6 other long-vmoded players. All but by myself now.

    Xanthus - Just fired it up for s***s and giggles...Noticing a decent player base that they could hold on to, I'm sure GF is already working on a new universe to drop.

    As far as a merge goes and surviving versus other larger players...Nobody is too large to fall. Especially if multiple universes with heavy players are merged, we could see a 4 on 1, 3 on 1, or even the Goliath players crashing each other.

    As far as the officers go, they suck but they aren't a definitive game changer. I watched droves of players leave because of them, a lot of them friends, so I disagree that they didn't lead to a big departure from this game. The redesign was OKAY at best but I do agree the OD was better. The game really took a complete poop when GF thought it was okay that you could pay to....

    1) move your planets wherever the hell you want to
    2) fill your resources up
    3) complete buildings/shipyard queues/research
    4) various merchant activities such as scrapping, etc.

    That was what really killed me. I had a good mate in Polaris who recently got crashed, unfortunately, but he was always relocating his planets. While he was a mate and I support him in his efforts, I didn't agree with this tactic. I never will.

    I honestly can say I miss universe 1, 2, and 3, where I started. 1x speed for everything, no ACS, original everything. Those were the good old days!

  • Also, only 2 months after I posted this thread did the Board Administrator stop by! Point made. If the command staff aren't operating productively, how do you expect the rest of your people to work?


  • It is exactly why I quit in 2015. I didn't have the time anymore, baby at home. I would have needed mich more time than I had then.

    I am still around though, more again, and I usually read here.

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  • Ok here is my .02 cents what is killing ogame.....

    1 - clunky RD. Pretty sad when you need AGO and other similar add ons to play a game.

    2 - RAMPANT scripting and cheating. I mean, come on. 24/7 *........really gf you can't figure that out???

    3 - VMODE fsave. the benefits of vmode fsave always outweigh the price of playing the game like it was designed.

    Numbers 2 and 3 can be fixed easy IMO. Number 1 could be worked out over time. I mean some of us have stuck around for like 10 years+ lol.

    Hey, I know letssled attacks you a lot with his rips.......and I want to crash those rips a lot!

    Words to live by:

    Anyway, the bad news is that inviting/trolling me here on this thread or in the ticket system doesn't change your guilt. I suppose the only thing you have left since you're a lying and manipulative cheater is to try and make me dance, so we did the Congo.



  • GF is still making money, likely more than ever. Why would they change that?

    In high school our school cafeteria kept going up in price, we complained and complained but nothing was done because; well people have to eat and they were still making lots of money. 1 day stupid council decided to stage a massive school protest of all cafeteria foods. The company winded up loosing money and a lot of it by preparing food that no one ate. After that day they listened to us and lowered the price of the food.

    When this game starts to become unprofitable is likely when we might see these types of changes you guys are talking about, otherwise why fix something that aint broke?

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  • Guys be happy that they don't make monthly payment if you want play :biggrin::Vomit::blackeye:

    A few years ago - well actually a lot of years - there was such a server which was the special one back then with faster Ogame. It didn't work out well, and was never tried again. I doubt they'd try such again.

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