The NRA has moved into town! [Noob Retaliation Association]

  • Greetings!

    Fleeters be warned! :chainsaw: A new association has started with the plan of providing long term protection and guidance for fledgling empires. This is in hopes of creating lasting, competent empires for years to come. We are looking for new members who want to learn the game, and alliances that would afford umbrella protection for all of NRA members.

    Again, the goal of this Association is to get members past the 50K mark, and into the fun part of the game. We will provide guides, coaching, protection, and other resources to starting empires. Although the efforts of this Alliance will not bolster the numbers of the Galaxy, it is the Hope of this Alliance that we will increase the activity and the quality of Empires just starting out.

    Although many will find this effort :youcrazy: , I joined under such a guild years ago and it help me enjoy ogame sooner and deeper than I would of otherwise.

    Post any feels or recommendations! :beer:

  • Noobie mode is 500K... but good luck with your new alliance!

    And yes, please help peeps get out of green mode, we need more food :P

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