A moment of silence for Bert0

  • Just would like for everyone in xanthus to take a moment of silence for bert0s Ban

    Maybe now he can sleep after playing 24 hours a day 7 days a week

  • :fatgreengrin: damn why im not playing anymore ! :hail:

    And he says he plays clean lool people "slander" him, so sad ;(

    Dont worry Niks, in that time pray a lot, and take the time to make some deals on discord for someone sell you few accounts :D

  • I was wondering what happen when I noticed that I have gained a rank, so I checked and found out that our dear Berto is disappearing from No1, I guess now you can really have some good rest. If you are again willing to share with us your account status like you did last time, please do so here.

  • dont worry l ll come back soon :beer:

    I wonder that.

    Why didnt we talk @Phoenyx your banned time ?

    Why didnt we talk @HT-Death his banned ?

    Why just me ?

    I was banned for so long time be online.Go and u think scripting or programmer but l havent.l almost work here a day.l have to work here 13-14hours.

  • roflcopter, you should be fired then, because you dont work you just play ogame. Where is the bed btw? ah it doesnt cause you no sleep! :thumbsup:
    Good luck niks, time to do some real work and thinking about pausing those scripts more often.

  • Bert0 saying you work 14 hours a day still would not explain why you have activity 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You were caught. Get over it and serve your 2 week ban and maybe when you come back you will turn that script off

  • u must say that @HT-Death

    l have never use program.

    ha l am not online 24 hours l always make cross transport and my alliance members prob me for being online.
    u must learn more game :beer:

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  • I will talk about my ban sure. I was banned for pushing on a hit...my case was sent and the GO said it didn’t add up...it’s alright I paid my dues and had to send to profit back. So I gained absolutely nothing.

    You on the other hand constanley talk about how you are SUCH a clean player...over and over and over again you claim on boards you are clean and everyone knows you are not. This is everyone’s proof. You script and you also buy accounts. It’s been proven but you act like a golden angel. I am clean. All you do is slander me. The reason everyone slanders you is because it is true. This is proof

  • why didnt we talk about @HT-Death ? :beer:

    and your banned ? why do we always talk about me ?

    I did ask others about why HT-Death was banned. But I am more interested in your case because all the while I have been wondering why you can grow your account so fast, so much so that I could only suspect that you must be cheating. So this time the truth has been reveal by the GO. When are you coming back? It will be more interesting when you come back because after the ban, you will more likely to play clean, without cheating, this will make this game truly a good game. I don't hope that you are out of the game permanently, what I hope is you come back and play clean and let's see how things go here when you cannot cheat anymore.

  • I think bertozan is not a scripter, maybe he just play to much if he has to monitor those cameras ,or what he have there, all day....but if he is truly 24/7 active..that's strange and may imply some cheating :) i mean a man need sleep some times...or maybe his boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/lover/etc play his account while he sleeps