Introducing the alliance: Epic Fail

  • Hello! In the Aquarius universe, I am known as Belisarius and I'm itroducing my alliance called Epic Fail 8)

    Alliance formal name: Epic Fail
    Alliance tag: Epic
    Founder: Belisarius
    Co-Founder: Caligari
    Opening date: 8 May 2018 (start of universe Aquarius)

    Current status:
    Although the alliance started in the first hours of the universe, its final name was not decided until today, which is why I post now. We are currently not looking for new members and in general, will not accept applications unless the rank is very good and what the player has to say sounds promising to us.

    Our approach:
    We're a diverse team with both growing players in the process of learning and experienced ones with a significant military profile. We understand that this is a game and we're planning to have fun always remembering that other players, while not in our team, are not our enemies, but our game rivals. We will respect our opponents and be friendly and diplomatic toward them. We expect the same. At least, that's the idea in the alliance. Of course, an espionage or an attack are things that are part of the game; they don't make us less friendly or diplomatic. I say this because some players seem to forget this simple fact :fie: So, like they say in the movies: it's not personal, just business :shrug:

    Final words:
    I would like to end this introduction by greeting the other alliances that play with us in Aquarius. Guys, we're happy to be your opponents. Have a great game! :thumbsup:

    Commander Breetai
    Zentraedi Space Army