Bug List

  • I propose a list of current Bugs much like the list of rules, that can be read and understood in conjunction with the Rules. This can help in a few ways:-

    First it means no need to report a bug that is already known.

    Second it will prevent people accidentally using the bug causing work for the support team to put right and hurt/anger to the involved parties.

  • The flipside of this is, if there is a list of all known bugs, it may encourage the use of said bugs.

    To be safe, if you come across what you believe to be a bug, report it, and then never use it again.

    Thank you for the great sig Blackmass.

  • You will most likely not be banned if you report a bug. If you do not report it, whether known or not, and continue to use the bug then you will surely be banned.

    Thank you for the great sig Blackmass.

  • The main reason this thread was created has been answered here: probe 5 seconds before attack

    Now to answer why I removed the Bug-List again: Keeping it up2date is impossible. The short bug-descriptions rather cause confusion for the users than help them. Having such a list also doesn't help with multiple reports of a bug, users mostly just reported them again. And with the little amount of reports we get here on the board it isn't worth the effort to keep such a llist.


  • That an attack locks the fleet and causes the "Your fleet currently is in combat" message should be known to every user,

    How can this be KNOWN if its not written? I have never seen such a message and have trailed this theory and no such message appears