ACS Top 01 Ex-Yildun - [TOT:] iSagat13 [STAFF] & Gangster [STAFF] & GUARDIAN OF YILDUN [STAFF] & SpaceX [STAFF] & thee [STAFF] vs. Mirakuru [G C] & Hektor [G C] & Voodoo [G C] & Artist [G C] (A: 6.330.800.000, D: 14.802.306.000)

  • Grats on this supurb hit guys, damn proud this happpened :D
    We all know a big part of Ogame is luck and it seems this worked out perfectly.

    Seksej why are you always so sour when replying, just give credit where it's due :)

    gg wp

  • Greetings from the Great Beyond, also known as RL. Dr. Cass checking in on her OFamily, and finds her boys have made a beautiful mess!

    Grats guys, really beautiful work!

    I've heard through the grapevine that it wasn't an intended suicide, but something went wrong with calculations. Whatever it was that went bad, it's a beautiful hit guys, and you deserve the biggest, juiciest mice in the barn! :P

    GC are great players, who made a few missteps and got caught. It could and has literally happened to all of us. I am sorry to see them go -- I hope they change their minds.

  • Changes from Hyper to Super Advanced. Hyper must have over 100 Billion Damage

    “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.”

    Ex- Gmod... don’t bother me anymore

  • voodoo you are literally begging us to let you in too, should I attach printscreen or you will finally stfu? You are well known for being a backstabber, you did it a few times even with G C so I strongly advise you to stop talking.

  • wooooow - didn't see this before. Huge hit and massive profits.

    I spend my time (as I told you I would) with my family and friends - and work ofc. But who knows - maybe one day I will also be back in Ogame :P

    Well played both parties - In the end of yildun this fight was about to happen - I had no clue about who would win and take the yildun server for good.

    See you around some day :)


    You know that you've been playing to much Ogame, when you go into the supermarket and start to think if you've remembered to FS you bike!!!

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