ACS Top 06 - [TOT: 22.064.310.500] CuteCat [b00m] & Thunder [b00m] & El Cyb [BMW] vs. Lieutenant Parsec [DTF] (A:, D: 18.969.108.500)

  • YO 'dead' uni, we got something to show you !

    Hit like this deserves story, where to start... Hope I will have inspiration and it won't be too boring to read.

    My name is El Cyb and I started this uni totally randomly out of pure nostalgic for the game. It took me some time to get to know how things work here, who is against who and all that stuff. Over past few months I think we can all say that b00m vs. DTF was biggest rivalry. I personally try to stayed out of that, watched non stop conflicts between players of both sides, laughed a bit and decided to stay neutral, to play my game and whatever happens happens. We should all remember that this is game after all. Since it is no secret anymore, CuteCat and I became good at some point and I noticed how he really tried a lot to catch Lt. Parsec, but without any big success. So what led to this hit?

    One player was minding his own business in 6th galaxy when all of the sudden Debtcollector (DTF) colonized in his system. Not so long after Dboxer (DTF) colonized there as well. Since I had mobile colony I decided to come in help, also colonized planet there and party was ready to start. Or at least I thought party was ready to start, but I was wrong. Lt. Parsec also colonized planet there. So I was unable to do anything at that point, I stayed out of that zone and player whom I came to help went to Vmode. Inactivity from us turned out to be amazing thing.

    Few days ago I started to talk with CuteCat about Lt. Parsec, where he FS since Cute noticed he might be doing dirty FS. We had to take advantage of that, and since I was in the system I was perfect to go for Moon Destruction. It was really tough job to find perfect opening, interval when I will send DSs since Lt. Parsec is active a lot, or at least his activity on planets indicated that. So tonight after reset we were pretty sure he would log in, since he usually does to check things, but he did not. We waited, waited, no activity. It was time to launch. I sent 15 waves of 4 DSs and hoped he won't come online, but of course he did, things can't go smoothly. Around 30 min before DSs were about to hit he showed and panic started, a bit from my side, but I am sure from his also. He managed to get 200M worth of fleet there and I knew I had to do something with my back up hits. I sent attack on his moon, then on his planet, recalled it, sent again, really had no idea what I was doing, my mind was at billion places at that point, since my biggest fear was that he will ninja my back ups. But after few minutes I realized what fleet he has to defend and it was a bit easier to decide to let all waves hit. Also I got a bit help from him, since he messed up and sent his fleet to arrive perfectly before my Back up hit (I had few of them). He said he was on phone, so I agree it was really not easy to react perfectly at that point. So my DS started to hit, one after another and I always had the same message, that moon was not shaken enough (never had luck with pooping moons) and finally it happened, moon pooped. You should have seen my face after my first lanx on his planet. Fleet was there (we never knew 100%, only assumed) and he did dirty FS. CuteCat moved into system, soon after that Thunder and that is pretty much it.

    Also once Lt. Parsec fleet blocked me after friend pooped moon of one player we were chasing, he did it just for fun, well Parsec I did it here also for fun. I know you are good sports about it, after all you are from my humble opinion one of the best players I have seen in this uni, I think nobody can deny that, but it is really a shame you went down 'stupidly' with that FS, you thought you were safe, but I guess that is a lesson for all.

    Nothing more to say, just to show you.

    Attacker: (El Cyb): 69.214Mn
    Resources: 1.047Mn, Loot: 75%
    Debris field (newly created): 192.483Mn

    Defender: (Lieutenant Parsec): 211.986Mn

    11th wave did it :

    Your fleet from

    BYE Parsec has arrived on the moon of the planet on Rico. The weapons of the deathstar fire an alternating graviton shock at the moon, building up to a massive quake and finally tearing the satellite apart. All buildings on the moon were destroyed. A complete success!
    The fleet is returning to its home planet.

    Moon destruction chance: 14 % DS destruction chance: 46 %

    ENJOY the fight, 'dead' uni :thumbup:
    PS. This time all went by the book.

    On 06-07-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker CuteCat [b00m]

    Espionage Probe 1
    Deathstar 1.198
    Light Fighter 1.012.629
    Cruiser 80.095
    Battleship 100.000
    Battlecruiser 52.120

    Attacker Thunder [b00m]

    Small Cargo 1
    Cruiser 92.437
    Battleship 144.037
    Battlecruiser 62.171
    Light Fighter 600.000
    Heavy Fighter 88
    Destroyer 31

    Attacker El Cyb [BMW]

    Light Fighter 417.148
    Heavy Fighter 10.831
    Cruiser 53.143
    Battleship 15.114
    Destroyer 2.078
    Battlecruiser 12.668

    Defender Lieutenant Parsec [DTF]

    Small Cargo 152.728
    Large Cargo 15.200
    Light Fighter 573.521
    Heavy Fighter 51.856
    Cruiser 65.048
    Battleship 57.238
    Colony Ship 8
    Recycler 207.354
    Espionage Probe 8.061
    Bomber 2.490
    Solar Satellite 553
    Destroyer 20.446
    Deathstar 72
    Battlecruiser 32.947

    After the battle ...

    Attacker CuteCat [b00m]

    Espionage Probe 0 ( -1 )
    Deathstar 1.198 ( -0 )
    Light Fighter 732.239 ( -280.390 )
    Cruiser 74.864 ( -5.231 )
    Battleship 97.885 ( -2.115 )
    Battlecruiser 51.506 ( -614 )

    Attacker Thunder [b00m]

    Small Cargo 1 ( -0 )
    Cruiser 86.596 ( -5.841 )
    Battleship 141.975 ( -2.062 )
    Battlecruiser 61.431 ( -740 )
    Light Fighter 435.539 ( -164.461 )
    Heavy Fighter 76 ( -12 )
    Destroyer 28 ( -3 )

    Attacker El Cyb [BMW]

    Light Fighter 301.789 ( -115.359 )
    Heavy Fighter 8.690 ( -2.141 )
    Cruiser 49.386 ( -3.757 )
    Battleship 14.774 ( -340 )
    Destroyer 2.055 ( -23 )
    Battlecruiser 12.510 ( -158 )

    Defender Lieutenant Parsec [DTF]


    The attacker has won the battle!
    The attacker captured:
    297.224.352 Metal, 951.270.061 Crystal and 63.385.299 Deuterium
    59.925.503 Metal, 238.807.975 Crystal and 5.942.372 Deuterium
    79.900.670 Metal, 406.923.524 Crystal and 7.923.162 Deuterium
    468.197 Metal, 3.940.219 Crystal and 46.430 Deuterium
    137.423.012 Metal, 137.423.013 Crystal and 47.538.975 Deuterium
    9.987.584 Metal, 84.057.774 Crystal and 990.395 Deuterium
    7.490.688 Metal, 63.043.331 Crystal and 742.797 Deuterium
    1.872.672 Metal, 15.760.833 Crystal and 185.699 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of units.
    The defender lost a total of 18.969.108.500 units.
    At these space coordinates now float 9.323.039.600 metal and crystal.
    The attacker captured a total of 2.622.274.537 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    Debris harvested by the attacker(s):
    4.099.311.700 Metal and 1.757.068.300 Crystal
    2.056.630.000 Metal and 2.056.630.000 Crystal
    1.914.497.900 Metal and 0 Crystal
    1.252.600.000 Metal and 1.252.600.000 Crystal

    Total debris harvested by the attacker(s):
    9.323.039.600 Metal and Crystal

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 7.677.019.278
    Crystal: 6.165.364.030
    Deuterium: 74.027.129
    The attacker(s) made a profit of 13.916.410.437 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -11.672.607.678
    Crystal: -8.336.614.730
    Deuterium: -1.582.160.629
    The defender(s) lost a total of 21.591.383.037 units.

    :love: FR

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  • As with everyone in this uni at some point my probes approach your planets/moons some ignore some react El Cyb talked to me and started a friendship at times i tried to bring him over to boom but he stuck to been neutral to the DTFvBOOM saga hunting boom on some occasions but always staying in touch at one point I tried and failed badly to return him after he attacked a boom player BUT no hard feelings on either side and the friendship continued.

    Parsec you fought well and will always be remembered it all boils down to the fact you didnt have the support from the ally that you choose to put a stop to BOOM. Doing a great job but could never keep it up alone however this went down you were a worthy adversary in my eyes now enjoy some time off.

    Well done El Cyb for keeping your head when it started to get heated with the MD really Good job well played


  • Attackers, great team work and very nice profit especially all that crystal, enjoy the spoils of war.

    Parsec: FR if you decide to stay, if not then you played a good game for a long time.

    I apologise in advance for everything

  • The first half of your post is totality unrelated to the hit :D

    Cutecat: I enjoyed our long fight, although i didn't enjoy the million times you tried to MD me but damn we had a good and long fight.
    Your one persistent motherf**ker who always seem to learn from your past mistakes and improve!

    It really surprised me to see that you were willing to abandon a colony and recolonize in my system + insta build jump gate to get the hit - i think this was the mistake that lead to my downfall, since i never imagined you would do this and therefor thought it was safe to do dirty FS.

    But when it comes down to it, i am happy it was you that got me and i would lie if i said that i wasn't going to miss you.

    This is my retirement from uriel - i devoted a lot of my time to bring balance to the universe.
    I did not succeed but i certainly did not go down without a fight and i managed to take more than a few people with me down.
    Even after losing my fleet, i still did aloooot more damage on enemy fleets than anyone did to me + i got a handful of top 10 hits, including solo top 2 on cutecat :D


  • Nice team work and nice hit, shame it is on one of the best and very skilled player in this uni. El Cyb, you did a great job. Cutecat, you are very dedicated to this game and you can catch and crash whatever you want, I`m sure of it.
    Parsec, as I already told you, I think you are one of the best players in Uriel, shit happens and thats it...this is just a game and we are all here to have fun. We will continue our discord conversations and I hope do some acs in new uni :)

  • well after 7 months here you go.. you succeed to take my hit down :( ... well played nice battle there..
    Shame to see you parsec hit that way... but you can never survive from a dirty fs. at least you showed much skills there and made much damage. good luck in whatever you choose and good luck in the new uni :)

  • well after 7 months here you go.. you succeed to take my hit down :( ... well played nice battle there..
    Shame to see you parsec hit that way... but you can never survive from a dirty fs. at least you showed much skills there and made much damage. good luck in whatever you choose and good luck in the new uni :)

    Well tbh i had no where left to fleetsave. B00m did a very good job of surrounding all my moons :D


  • Great hit lads. I've never seen a more annoyingly persistent player than Frankie so you did well all this time parasec. Might see you in another uni. Great hit again. Persistence pays off.

    Rigel: Retired (and what an awful player)

    Xalynth: top 50 .... top 5 fleet ............... WAS !!!!!!!!!!! (Merged)
    Hofs -24
    Advanced - 5

    Vega: merged 31/3/16 Hofs - 6 Advanced - 10

    Unity: 69 hofs 33 advanced 2 SuperA


  • Amazing hit guys, big damage, big numbers, great execution and b00m he is down. I guess no more real resistance and good team behind Parsec because most of them went vmode or were crashed and it was just a matter of time.

    GL in RL Parsec or in some other UNI as i see you leaving, you did good in Uriel !


  • Attackers, congratulations on taking down one of the best players i have known in my years on and off ogame.

    Defender, what can i say. You have pretty much single handedly held b00m off and kept dtf afloat for a while now, big round of applause and much respect too you pal.

    El cyb, i know you dont have a very high opinion of me for whatever misguided reason that may be, but colonizing there in g6 wasnt what you thought it was, and that is backed up by the fact i have never hit any of you there in g6 even when there was profit, so as Parsec said, first part of story is niether here nor there

    Anyway, as i said, nice hit and amazing profits, have fun spending them. Gl Parsec and i look forward to flying with you elsewhere.

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