Merge 2018 Discussion Thread

  • I dont see the point in some of these mergers, like Virgo, Wezn, Deimos...

    No balance whatsoever if you look at the target unis indicated. Probably Virgo shouldnt be merged at this point, too young and fairly active indeed. Maybe rethink some older unis merge balance or at least give more choices in the matter.


  • Really GF, really?
    Merging Virgo which is barely year and few days old into some much bigger and way older unis.
    Also boosting fleet speed, well done!
    Whats next, merging 6 month unis old into uni1?
    Whoever did these calculations failed very bad in logic and math.
    Leave Virgo outside merge!!

  • Why am I being forced to play 2x fleet speed - something I have never wanted to play? Virgo doesn’t need a merge and definitely doesn’t need to be upped in fleet speed.

    There is also no clarification on what to do if you have multiple accounts merging to the same target?

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  • I joined virgo for the specs so I could mine in peace.
    I already play a x2 uni. Don't need to play 2.
    Also, merging Quaoar and virgo with vega. Am I allowed to multi then? Or do I have to delete one of the accounts?

    Looking at some of the board hits coming from some of the unis Quaoar is merging with... ouch.
    How are we going to compete with that is beyond me. I guess we've done it before, we can do it again. We will see what happens. Vega has 3 years advantage over Quaoar

  • Hey, don't be upset guys

    At least you're not being forced to merge from 5x fleet 5x eco 70% debris (merkur) into a 3x fleet 6x eco 30% debris uni (or worse, 2x fleet 70%) :D

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  • Glad it's finally announced =)
    What you've all been waiting for!
    Every domain is grouped differently, but this is what we are given for .org and I'm happy with it!!
    To be fair to the comments about Virgo, it's older than Wezn, Xanthus and Yildun.

    Virgo getting +20% DF and 9 Galaxies instead of 6 & retaining the +25 fields. Seems like a good deal to me.
    Virgo is better off with more active players, no? 1/3 of all accounts in Vmode and 60% of all accounts are inactive. I think we all know how the trend goes!
    Peaceful Uni's are the anomaly in OGame.
    You guys act like you're going from 1x to 4x fleetspeed :thinking:
    @Troll Vega is the product of the last merge most the accounts there are not from the creation date doesn't really line up correctly to account ages.

    All of the inactives will be coming in the merge as well, unlike all previous merges.

    THIS should be remembered:

    Note: we are aware that for some servers there is a demand for server setting polls to change settings from old servers.<br>

    There will not be new polls until the merge is finished.<br>
    Please, keep in mind that for a while after the merge, the polling systems won't start as we need to handle and close first any merge related topic.

  • Pretty happy with the Polaris merge apart from the fact that the uni only recently voted (and got) 7x eco up from 5x. Can 7x not be applied directly to the new uni?

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  • @Hatu I would respectfully disagree.

    1. Merging is a solution to universes dropping in active players. This is not a problem virgo has.

    2. Increase of fleet speed I feel is very unfair. Players choose their universes and build their accounts around how much time they have to play and their play routine. This is why the threshold for changing universe specifications was so high.

    You look at tarazed, comparatively similar age to virgo and there are less than 500 accounts there. Its very low on activity and is a typical universe which is crying out for a merge. It shouldn't necessarily depend on the universe age but how much of a thriving community there is remaining in each uni.

    Aside from the issues with virgo I should just clarify I am absolutely behind the merges and feel for a lot of the older universes. Rigel and wasat in particular, its been long overdue.

  • @Hatu any change in fleet speed makes it a different game.

    I couldn’t give a crap about the size of accounts I get merged with you could merge me with vega and give me 1x fleet and I would be happy with that. If I wanted 2x fleet I would have played a speed uni

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  • yeeyyyyy finalllyyyyy :D
    i am so hyped....i really don't care about any other spec than speed...and i only have acc on 2x and 3x,and im quite happy with the merge the wya it's happening for those univ,but i would of preffered for the 3x speed section to have a few more univ joining in...but meh can't satisfy all:D
    So who in spica eridanus and uriel knows me personally,cause i have no idea of those univ and im curious if there's some old fella's or enemy's that i might encounter there.

  • @Virgo

    Not happy with speed increase..
    This will prolly be game over with me..

    With my daily routine and play time cant really cope with double speed..

    Merge us to any x 1 uni, doesnt matter how old. That is setup I choose to play with..