Merge FAQ

  • This is what we have so far. The list will be updated as we receive more info.

    Can I stay in an Exodus Universe?
    No, the exodus universes will be transferred completely to the Target universes.

    Can I change my Target choice?
    When multiple Targets are available, you can change your choice as much as you want while waiting to be merged. The time frame for Target selection will last for around 1 week and a half. Once the merge process starts, account merges will happen daily during a full week so you will not be able to change your selection the day after you selected it if you do it on this stage. Once your account is merged there is no way back.

    What if I have already an account in the Target Universe?
    We are going to provide secondary Target universes that will only be available if you already own an account in the primary Target selection menu, however if you have an account already in all Target universes (primary and secondary) your account will be force-merged. The secondary targets will be announced short before the merge process starts.

    I have my account in a Target universe. Can I move somewhere?
    No, you cannot. You can continue playing where you are and enjoy the refill of the server with more people around to play with.

    What will happen with the inactive accounts in vacation mode?
    All inactive accounts will be force-moved to the Target universes at the end of the merge process.

    What will happen with the inactive accounts without vacation mode?
    They will be force-merged at the end of the process and will continue to be inactive without vacation mode in the Target universe.

    Who has priority when moving to the Target universes?
    All active accounts will be able to pick their Target universe first. All inactive accounts no matter if on vacation mode or not will be force-merged at the end of the process once the active accounts have been merged.

    Are the old permanently banned accounts going to be merged?
    Yes, there will not be any account deleted due to the merge.

    Will there be a possibility to change server settings after the merge?
    Yes, up until now in many communities there have been server setting polls. Once the merge process is settled, you can bring up the discussion into your community forum and we can evaluate and create polls for the servers to decide changes.

    Can I register in an Exodus or a Target universe while merging?
    No, you cannot. The registration both in the Exodus and Target universes will be closed the day the Target universe selection starts and will be opened again the day after the merge process is done.

    Will the Account trade function be implemented in the Lobby before the merge?
    Unfortunately no, it won’t. We have been working on both the Lobby and the Merges simultaneously, but this feature is not ready yet.

    I have no choice and will end up with a multi, will I get banned?
    We are aware of the lack of options at the moment. This is why from the moment the merge process finishes until we have the account trade function in the Lobby, those who have a force-merged multi account in a server will not be banned by multi by default. We will only apply the multi account ban if there is any kind of interaction within these 2 accounts no matter if the action is aggressive or friendly. New multies created on purpose before and after the merge as well as multies interacting within each other under these special circumstances will receive a permanent ban. Obtaining an unfair benefit from a multi (for example trading resources with a third party) will also be considered illegal.

    What is my best choice to avoid an illegal action when having a multi?
    Set up one of the accounts into vacation mode until you can find a new owner for it.

    I am merged and my planets are in the wrong coordinates. What do I do?
    We cannot duplicate coordinates, but you will receive as many relocation items as planets you have in the wrong position. If you have 9 planets, but 5 are relocated with the merge, you will receive 5 relocation items for them.The coordinates will be assigned by the first come first served rule.

    Will my alliance be moved?
    Yes, it will. The first member of the alliance moving into the Target universe will move the alliance with the account. This account will also get the founder role in first place. If the previous founder account moves into the same server, this account will get back the founder role once it is merged.

    Will I lose my Tutorial progress?
    No, you will not. The progress of the Tutorial record will be moved as well.

    Will I have my planets in the same planet range I currently am?
    - The system searches for spots within the same planet range, meaning, if you have a planet on position 5, and your coordinate 5 is occupied in the target universe, the system will search for another free spot between planets 4 and 12.

    Where can I move my accounts in case of multi accounting?
    The system is complex so we will explain it with clear ecamples.
    Case 1 for the target selection:
    - Exodus A
    - Primary target X, Y
    - Secondary target Z

    If you have an account with the same mail in A and X, in your merge selection menu only Y and Z will show up.
    If you have an account in A, X, and Y, in your merge selection menu only Z will show up.
    If you have an account in A, X, Y and Z, no target will show up and your account will randomly be assigned a tagret server at the end of the merge process wherever there is a free spot.

    Clarification: if you have an account in the Target server offered for your universes group, the target server will not be available for you to select as your target at all.

    Case 2 for the target selection:
    - Exodus A, B
    - Primary target X, Y

    If you have an account with the same mail in A and B, in your merge selection menu X and Y will show up.
    If you select for A the target X, this target will not show up for your account in Exodus B.
    If you have an account in A, B and X, during the first merge phase (selection phase), only target Y will show up at the target selection.
    If you select for your account in Exodus A the target Y, no target will show up for your account in Exodus B and it will be merged at the end of the merge process randomly to a server.

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