New rules needed

  • As tittle suggested in tittle new rules are needed or something drastic has to change. This current state is becoming laughable. Reason behind this rant is certain chinese crew.
    Some may know them some don´t. They were honing their "trading" skills in previous unis, I believe jupiter, more or less were successful in Unity and perfecting it in Spica.
    In 1.5 year from 0 to 244 M acc. Impressive "skills" .
    Second their main acc with modest 188 M. First one just finished astro 27 thing which not one acc has on org except in quantum. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Well since nobody feels threatened by rampart merch whoring multies, I wish good luck to those coming to Uriel you gonna need it .

    I can't waittttttt

    Rigel: Retired (and what an awful player)

    Xalynth: top 50 .... top 5 fleet ............... WAS !!!!!!!!!!! (Merged)
    Hofs -24
    Advanced - 5

    Vega: merged 31/3/16 Hofs - 6 Advanced - 10

    Unity: 69 hofs 33 advanced 2 SuperA


  • Maybe they just like to spend money and merchant the crap out of the game??

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  • It's very easy to not buy DM and use the merchant to trade off fuel for crystal. Simply build storages high and do some expeditions.

    Retired, Contact me on facebook if needed. Leigh Churnick