Whingey whiney beggy

  • Along with the merge, as Universes are going to become very crowded, this suggestion might actually help, and would not hurt anyone. The idea came up in a thread about "The V-mode"
    I would so much like to see this happen. The walk-away V-mode player (non-player) adds NOTHING to the game, and gets seriously in the way. Pre, or immediately Post merge, GF need only take a snapshot of V-moded players, to capture their actual status. The script could filter on some length of time, perhaps 3 months inactive, so as not to bother those that are actually using V-mode short term and will continue to play.

    "The only change in vmode that is plausible is to have the planets of the vmodders, namely those that have been inactive for over a month, to, after that same time, be transformed into RAIDING PLANETS, pretty much like real Inactives, the planet would have all it's original characteristics, like mines, solar plant, etc, but without defence and fleet or solar sats, this way we don't have to deal with thousands of slots occupied by planets that belong to vmodders that have been away from the game for god knows how long that are not serving ANY real purpose aside from... just being there.
    Ofc after the vmodder comes back, if he does, the planet will transform back to what it was and with it's original defences-fleet there.
    This way NOBODY, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY has anything to lose and the people who farm and put their time in the game to do so actually get rewarded and the game progresses. Ergo, everybody wins."

    Why the hell do people just desperately beg to farm and raid people in v mode? It's pathetic that so many of you keep begging for this everywhere I look. Just mine resources, raid inactives not in v mode and attack other people...STOP BEGGING FOR FREE SHIT ALL THE TIME

  • and what is the idea about the post then?
    you kinda cryin too..

    we all understand GF wont change a thing if its not for their gain so let them post.
    let them bring up ideas
    and let them do what they want

  • I'm not begging for free resources, I'm complaining about the gagging desperation that so many people have to try and make v mode accounts raidable.

    You can call my complaint crying if you want, I get fed up seeing this whined about everywhere I go to do with OGame. It does amuse me thoroughly that they sit there furious when they encounter a v, but it doesn't mean them constantly begging to raid them is any the less boring and irritating to see

  • well atm most vmoders have been in vmode for a very long time.. and with long i dont mean a month or two.. i dont care if they get released out from vmode or just deleted, id prefer deleted because then that spot would be free for someone else to relocate to..

    and you say raid inactives? alot of vmoders are inactives..

  • All perma banned and VMode +1 year no check-in accounts should get sent to a holding universe. You can't play there. You have to pay your way out and get to go back to the uni you came from. $1M DM.

    Happy Migration and let the fun begin.

    Regards, version4

    PS. I would limit the perma bands to one year and unless a real life threat was involved.



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