Are you deleting an account because of the Merge??

  • Even though all decisions seem to be final, and this is more curiosity on my part than anything, how many of you are deleting at least one acct, if not more, in order to get the uni you desire out of the merge?? It seems to me that with so many accounts being deleted, that the merge is just a huge mess where the game doesn't care about it's players....

    I'm showing mine, now show me yours!

    Let's try to keep this thread to just accounts being deleted...thanks!!

  • Thats stupid,that someone needs to delete his account where he put money and his time into it,really merge seems chaotical and its sounds that they have planed him in hurry as it is atleast for .en servers.Or they just waited too long for merge ,when almost every uni is dead.

  • No as I don't have a uni 1 account however. If I did then I'd certainly consider it...
    My Taurus accounts going to uni 1. Almost 90 mil points. Good mines and nice fleet. I should just about make the top 100 if I'm lucky after the merge
    My 13 mil points Kalli account is going to Quantum... because it makes perfect sense of course. I will be miles behind :crazy:

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  • I have already deleted my Vega and Polaris accounts so my Betel a/c ends up in Vega.

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  • You lads from Gameforge are a pain in my ass!

    Never in my colorful life I imagined myself deleting my account in Yildun, to which I dedicated a long and hard time and made it so spectacular that I even die looking at it!

    But you're just giving me ONE option, to go to Xanthus, and I don't know why! Why! Of all the universes you could stick me in with pleasure, Xanthus for the love of JC Superstar! My ex is there and I wanna avoid him like a nail wants to avoid the hammer! He is the hammer tho....

    How can I go somewhere else?

  • dey won meet tu deretele un an count burt dis ant fur es it?
    hi buyed dm oun mine acc ounts andre dey say deretey won?

    larst thym i buyt anyfink frum dem

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    Kek is no more :( :cbanned:

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  • I'm not deleting an account, but I am letting one go inactive (and without my name on it) after the merge. I have no interest in playing in the Uni that account will end up in, but I don't mind if it becomes a nice farm there.
    Back to playing just one uni, and that's fine with me.

  • I will be deleting accounts as soon as possible. They (moderators and Gameforge) have zero interest in the most important asset, us the contributors and players.

    If you have a multi account situation in a target uni, just put one in V-mode and leave it alone. Once they get the Lobby fixed so that accounts can be given away, you will be able to shed the extra account to someone else.
    They have made announcements to this effect.

    If you really wanted to be careful, also file a ticket indicating you are doing this, just to cover your arse.

  • ha. got another warning for suggesting there are issues with the Gameforge merge rules/policies.

    I still think there are.

    Ban incoming, take cover.

    Still deleting accounts.