Fate of the Merged-Unisections: Some Thoughts

  • Disclaimer: I'm definitely not writing this because someone on a not so public chat server thought I should...

    Firstly, I apologise if some find this font/style offensive to their visual senses. I'm just trying a few things out :thumbup: 

    Claiming this thought to be of my own making would be @FarfetchD to say the least. Although I feel I could say I've developed it a bit since I first heard it :gamer:

    For the TLBISWTRI version (virtual cookie for anyone who figures that one out!), figure that one out yourselves ;) , continue reading. If you find this TLDR, go take a look at the spoiler.

    Feedback part:

    As some of you may be aware, we have a merge process occurring that will throw us all together into a few select places, forcing us to make new friends, make new enemies, and make new history. This will be a clean start for a lot of players also looking to re-invent themselves in their new climates and as we push forward into a new phase of ogame.org history, we should reflect this by following suit on the boards.

    Thinking this, I found a rare glimpse of an opportunity for the community to express itself and voted to: "Archive exodus and target sections, clean start for the post merge uni" (Currently winning :thumbsup: ).

    p.s. If you have no idea what I'm talking about at this stage and perhaps are confused as to what I'm talking about when I say the words merge... follow these links:

    The merge is coming!

    Fate of the Merge-Unisections

    If you want to discuss the merge, or have a fetish for asking questions already answered, check this thread: Merge 2018 Discussion

    As things stand there is a lot of history on the forums. Not as much as there was mind you. It seems that previous BAs saw The Purge and wanted to run with the theme of purging stuff 8|

    However, and to preserve the best, biggest moments in .org history I propose that a new section is created to commemorate such occasions. This would serve two purposes. It would give a new section, like I just said, but will also preserve these moments past any archives being purged later. :check:

    In doing so, some of the best and the worst moments from .org history can be witnessed for as long as GameForge decide to keep this game alive :check:



    1) New section in OGame.org, called "Hall of Fame" (open to better names)

    2) In this section reside 3 areas:

    a) Top 10 Normal (x1 speed universes) :check:
    b) Top 10 Special (x2 speed universes onwards & excluding Quantum + previous iterations) :check:
    c) Top 10 (open to name suggestions, or keep it open to normal/special combined including Quantum) (for Quantum & preceding universes (Quantum/u35/Electra) :check:


    I'm open to them... :shrug::wbb:

    ~ Top 10s: 14 (18) + Assist on Worldwide Number 1 + Worldwide Number 2 (suicide) ~ RiPs: 80.962 ~

    ~ The one & only Peppa & SGO for Cygnus/Dorado/Leda/Zibal/Fenrir ~

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  • Great idea. Splitting by fleetspeed in that way is nice. Would you have it split with different ACS / Solo?

    continuing with the potentially offensive to visual senses formatting...

    I was thinking they could follow the existing structure for Top 10s. So having them stack from ACS to solo etc :)

    That would also save on the links/pages there'd need to be, by half.

    ~ Top 10s: 14 (18) + Assist on Worldwide Number 1 + Worldwide Number 2 (suicide) ~ RiPs: 80.962 ~

    ~ The one & only Peppa & SGO for Cygnus/Dorado/Leda/Zibal/Fenrir ~

  • After/while moving the Top10 hits around I checked a few things the boardsoftware can do. It can display a redirection notice for a Thread that links to the new location of the thread. So in theory we could move the into the new Section and then move them back into the normal Top10 Section with a redirection notice. The problem with that is that we can't edit the title of the redirection notices afterwards and they can't have labels, so to update the list (which probably wouldn't happen that often) all the threads would need to get moved around and renamed multiple times. Also the current filters we have with the Labels wouldn't work, so the threads would need to have names like "Top 01 Solo" or "Solo Top01".

    Copying the threads isn't ideal as that would seperate the comments. So that won't happen.

    The other option I could imagine is just doing it like it was done before, making a thread with the Hits sorted in a post. It is easy to update, the threads can easily be found, you get a fast overview, the thread with all the CRs can get displayed in every Top10 section.