Server setting changes

  • **** polls cant be requested to change untill 12/11 ****

    Hello and welcome to Vega :)

    Id like to propose that we have cheeky poll to change the settings of vega.

    My suggested changes:

    Deut consumption to 0.5
    Research speed x20

    **Opinion alert**

    I dont think we need to change the eco speed at all


  • i would definitely agree with these changes, as well as my ally mates.

    As you have mentioned above, as polls won't be able to be requested till 12/11, let's keep this thread spamless, thank you :)

  • +30 fields or whatever the maximum instead of +25
    Faster Research is fine with me

    As a Hobby I trade Forex, anyone else that trades feel free to contact me as I would love to discuss trading strategies.

  • Eco speed is fine but would like an increase if enough people voted for it :)

    Deut consumption should 100% be set to 0.5 useage

    And how about an extra 30 fields too? If we don’t ask we don’t get...

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  • If I'm not mistaken, Vega should be getting +30 fields in a couple of days, I'm on a phone so can't find the announcement atm

  • 500% on that deut reduction, the amounts needed in this uni are dukin crazy... is that research really possible ? i cant see anyone being against 20x research :thumbsup:

    eco is fine atm i think

  • Oh come on, with 70% debris field fleeters have enough of an advantage in vega anyways. I would only agree to a reduction on deut costs if debris is reduced to 50 or 60%. Its hard enough as a miner anyways to keep your production and cargoes safe. In my opinion if people want to build a huge fleet there need to be something to balance that and currently it is the expensive costs to fly.

    Let me give an example the hit the muppets did on spartacus, 70% of destroyed ships appeared as debris. then you have spartacus spacedock giving back another 15% of his losses. It probably works out, that of all the total losses only about 20% have actually disappeared.

    I think anymore eco is just silly as we are already on 7x, remember most of us started with 2x. Also research speed should stay the same, its something to be achieved and planned not just happening.

    Fields I thought we were getting 30 anyway, with another 30 on top of that planets will be huge and will never need t build another terraformer :P

  • when an ok hit costs 50m deut to fly 1 ss i thin that says it all... and the fleet speed to eco speed difference is 5x... isnt that enough to drop the consumption to half ?

    and its not like you kill fleets that have been safe for years left and right

  • I would agree with Arcane's original proposal, however.....

    In view of previous votes in Vega there should be only 1 yes/no in each category, otherwise we split the Yes vote and run the chance of the No's winning due to their votes counting 4x

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  • If deut consumption is dropped to 0.5, you as a miner will have more deut to merch/trade and thus keep your production and cargoes safer :)

  • Strider, the extra I would gain would be so minimal it would barely effect me. At the same time I would be giving a massive benefit to all the fleeters above me. All I'm, saying is 0.5 deut to launch has a massive benefit for fleeters and very little benefit for the average miner. To balance it out for the miners there needs to be something in their favour such as a debris reduction. That would make it easier for me to keep my planets safe, not making it cheaper for fleeters to launch at me.