Poll for changing server parameters.

  • Ok :)

    Yeah definitely need eco x7 back , I’m about 30 million a day down!
    Made a right difference :( Slowed me right do

    Also our inactive farms have come but there all in vacation, what was the point in even moving them? When we can’t do nothing to them, really annoys me, I had so beauty’s , now I have none :thumbdown:

  • Hello!
    Here is the result of the polls:
    out of 126 people who voted,
    - 114 want eco x7
    - 82 want 80% DF
    - 82 want ACS.

    Following the requirements, the only change that will happen is the Eco x7.
    As soon as the next server changes round is set up we will announce it at the news section.

  • what a load of crap! 80% of 126 lol

  • 126*08 = 126*(1-0.2) = 126*(1-(1+1)/10) = 126 - 12.6-12.6 makes no difference how it is done really but I find reusing the same value as many times as possible simplifies arithmetic.

    There was a OGame clone on fb for a while, oddly they had way way more players and much less cheating because of the platform.

  • This universe should've voted for x10 economy & a guarantee that it wouldn't be merged with Quantum for 4-5 years. :thumbup: 


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