[HNC] - vs- [Baby]

  • Just noticed, you guys messed up with the TD dealt. Lyca messed it up, and 1Shoot1Kill followed. I corrected it for you. You were adding points to us while removing from yours

    i did ask GO ..but look like it wont happen..if u have time Noumpas do it ..thanks.. and crazy suicide mission on me ..that must me correct too.u know dont have war experience much .correct it on ur next expedition on HNC

    Uni 32- Rank Top 40 Retired
    Uni 35- Rank Top 11 Retired
    Uni 40- Rank Top 30 Retired
    Electra-Rank Top 5 Retired
    Vega-Rank Top 20 Retired
    Betelgeues-Rank Top10 Retired

    Cosmos-Rank 01 crashed & Retired

    Himalia-Rank 01 Retired

    Leda -Rank 03 Retired

    Norma  -Rank 05 crashed & Retired

    Rosalind- ON

  • I am the new owner of Pirate account.
    So i don't care about this war and i have other things to do.

    Noumpas, thank you for bashing my sats and cargos.

    It's just a waste of time. Time has no value and i think you have other things to do in your life.
    I am neutral and like a see you have already won. Account of Pirate was destroyed.
    Your operation was a sucess. Congratz and now move on ;)

  • Maybe today it's important for you to destroy sats and cargos everyday but in 6 months on summer you won't have time because of call of bikinis and mojitos on the beach and you will realize that was a waste of time.
    I checked all your planets. You have no sat, no defense, no fleet. You are not realy playing this univers as a "normal" player. You can't rise like this at long term.

    If you have fun what can i say ? I can't apologize for them ?


  • I am having my growth don't worry about me. We used to play as "normal" players until the HNC with their little autistic friend declared war on us and made it personal. So now we play that way because if we don't, they won't let us play at all. I don't expect you to "understand" us. I expect you to accept the fact that you will be bashed daily. If you don't have time for this nonsense, just keep your friends in your buddy list but leave their alliance. That "HNC" logo you have next to your name carries a curse with it. A baby curse.

  • The war has finally come to an end. We, the Baby Cries, self proclaim ourselves Victorious! We won the war on and off the papers, as we are too far ahead in the TD points, and the head of the snake is finally cut off, and the rest of the HNC members flee in terror by disbanding & relocating planets away from us. The bashing limit is once more enabled but be aware that by just fleeing away, after all of your arrogant comments and sustainment & embracement of such an unfair war, doesn't mean there will be still no consequences.
    You all share a part of the blame, and you are all finally going to pay for it. Either in-game with your fleets and resources, or with your pride here on the forums by finally showing some humility and publicly accepting defeat, as well as apologizing to us for starting this war.

    As for those self-proclaimed "Saints" ex-HNC members that state that they didn't even participate in this war and that they share no blame, we remind them:

    1) All the HNC took a vote for starting a war with the Baby Cries. Those who voted against were going to be dragged down to the war as well. We asked those persons to leave their alliance if they were against of such a war, otherwise everyone was going to be affected by it sooner or later. After a display of apathy from those persons, HNC declared war on us and all of their members would participate in it.

    ...if you didn't like your alliance's decision, you should have taken your dignity and left them. You say you don't like this war but you see... you really like your little pillow of protection and that suits you...
    ...So i guess you wont do anything about it after all except than pointing out moral codes in an immoral alliance. I do understand from my perspective that people talk easily from a safe ground....
    ...if i was in an alliance that takes unfair decisions for the caprices of one member, i would leave the alliance instead of stating i do not approve them...
    ...Apathy is as good as embracing the situation. Stating you do not like the war without actions doesn't make any difference rather than just a try to avoid blemishing your name...

    2) After you left Kallisto to bully us to death, we tried to bring some sense to your minds and asked you to kick him from your alliance as he was toxic for this community and wanted us to quit. Your official collective response was "nah, we are having fun, you guys are a good sport" and you embraced his behavior.

    ...You couldn't/didn't control your mad dog, instead you embraced his behavior. You didn't bother the bulling on small member alliance far behind you while they were dragging you to war against us either...
    ...Let me remind you that you are a part of this alliance and this war. And their actions represent you as well...
    ...i would suggest to let the guy leave the alliance and start his own war instead of dragging me with him...

    3) We warned you that this war would affect ALL of you, and that no one is going away with it, because everyone shares a part of the blame for your bullying on us. Its not our problem you didn't think we would eventually come for you just because we were dealing with you one at a time. Everyone seems so surprised when his turn comes.

    ... it was just another "let's teach them a lesson" mess for you wasn't it? "It's just a few low ranked players this won't affect us lets go bash them"...
    ...You are going to suffer the consequences of the war you waged LIKE WE DID! And if you think that it won't affect you, we will prove you wrong!...

    For those who will comply and apologize here after accepting defeat, they will be respected and won't be touched.

    For those who say that i am starting to sound like Kallisto, try 4 months of merciless bashing

  • The war is over, Baby Cries emerge VICTORIOUS, let this be the day that everyone knows and remembers, that even the underdog can easily turn the tides around.
    1) Tenacity
    2) Courage
    3) Morale

    Our advanced strategies destroyed the HNC fair and square, our patience and efforts finally paid off. After all those months.. It is finally.. over.

  • it was an epic story between David and Goliath. You showed brave heart and from hnc you made hc (hopelessly club)
    Congratz, and enjoy your victory


    're not afraid of the dark, are you?