What is due to us here in Virgo

  • Hello Virgo

    A little bit ago we were told that we would receive 2 free relos because we were a target uni. Have we gotten those yet?? How about the 5 days of officers?? Did anyone get that??

    Dear Players,

    on Wednesday we will provide 2 free relocations to all players that were in the target servers.

    Also, as an apology, we are gifting 5 days of commander and officers to all active accounts in the target servers.

    It seems the script failed on our little universe & I am wondering where the post is to let us know this......

    Anyway, a little birdie told me that if you put a tkt in, they will give you the DM for 2 relos....

    Guess we all need to polish up our writing skills & everyone in Virgo needs to put a tkt in to get the DM owed to you...

    Time to flood them with tickets & Good Luck to you all

    Warned for breach of rules.


  • Guys, piink has done nothing but bust her ass since the start of this. You need to be patient. These are real people with careers outside of this work. Sometimes they can't give you an update every single day. Piink won't let you down. Have faith, remain patient, and report your issues only one time via ticket. Thank you.

    Well, it seems as if we all need to put those tkts in.....

    Please contact all members of your alliances and let them know to please get those tickets in!!!

    Make sure to include that you were a part of Virgo from before the merge, that you haven't gotten your relos, and that you would like what is owed to you.

  • or just remain patient , and wait until they give them to us.

    what is your rush?
    you need to go somewhere with free relocation to missile someone?

    especially to you ( a miner) or me ( a miner too) will not help us at sth.

    as far as the officers for 1 week. dont care either.

    just a small boost of 10% on daily production.

    all the others useless too.

  • I was willing to remain patient as piink acknowledged the issue.... but then Marshmellow came in after & said to put tkts in...so, put your tkts in

    as of Dec 10th, i would say that if you haven't put your tkt in & gotten a resolution, you wont... im fighting for whats due to us now, before its too late

  • First of all, only a team member can ask the users to create tickets.

    Second, piink already replied that she will take care of it, so I don't understand all of this excitement.

    on it!

    And third, it is obvious that this concerns the whole universe, not just a few players, meaning that you are creating tickets to no purpose.
    Therefore, I am kindly asking all of you to not create tickets regarding this issue until piink says it is resolved. When she does, and you still haven't received the 2 free relocations, then you can create the ticket.

    Thank you.

    "Let me be clear as I can be: In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. It's not cool to not know what you're talking about."

  • @Blankie

    Can you let @Marshmello know that??? Since he thinks we should put the tkts in....

    And the reason I started to make this a big deal is because we weren't getting any sort of response...

    but a few that did put tkts in got 480kk of DM...while the rest of us continue to wait...

    When many in my Alliance were not happy, I get to be the spokesperson... and when I do, it may take a few days, but I got a response for the whole Uni

    so now that piink is "on it" and you have clarified that we should not put tkts in... we will wait....

    thank you

  • Just because you don't know how to use them efficiently doesn't mean that others cannot...
    Heck, the miners might want to move some planets to a slot 15.
    They will be putting them to much better use than any of the ones you have done so far.
    Heck, you might want them yourself. You would do much better if you put your planets all in one system.

    People got DM. Some of us would like that DM too. We heard put in tickets. We put in tickets. We hear to wait. So now we wait.

    If you weren't going to add, sometimes the best course of action is to keep it closed.
    That mouth has already shown your backside enough has it not?

  • @Blankie

    Can you let @Marshmello know that??? Since he thinks we should put the tkts in....

    Are you implying that I'm not a team member?

    You're making an absolute fool of yourself, currently. Stop ranting everywhere under the sun about the relocations. You got your acknowledgement from piink, which she did not have to do, that she is working on the situation.

    This thread is closed. I will close any thread you open on this issue and I will message you about your conduct in the merge thread.