ACS Top 10 - [TOT: 65.791.468.000] TheWeeknd [SF5] & Arcane [MUPPETS] & Jossa [MUPPETS] vs. Vulcan [Exiles] (A: 5.783.117.000, D: 60.008.351.000)

  • Morning Vega!

    What a day! So many balls so little time!

    Yesterday it was spotted that Vulcan and Crazyhorse were rip farming robertsteel. Vulcan split 6k rips into three parts and crazy just in one. After a brief should we shouldnt we.... off we went as a merry band of ball snatchers setting up a plan.

    We colonised in system 45 mins before vulcans first possible return time and set up shop with snacks and wet wipes for our adventure. Time came and weeknd sent off the timing ship and off we went.... 17 minutes later BANG ... We hit fresh air and got a sense of disappointment only my wife feels on a regular (pfft kidding) basis.

    So... Off we went again and BOOM. Knee deep in balls! Never been so happy to motorboat such a large collection of balls in my life. Weeknd timed to same second cause he is a wizard, and we joined in on the action. As i had had my stress poo on the forst wave, i was left twiddling my thumbs and listening to vice create a poem about how rev was going to ninja us.

    We collected all the df, with some panic around fleets jumping between ahead and behind but we got there in the end through a combination of sheer will and vice offering consultancy from vicemode.

    Vulcan, like the stand up guy he is, congratulated us immediately - speedy rebuild and im sure we will feel your wrath soon enough.

    Nice working with you Alen - you brought some non-muppets sense to a group of windowlicking enthusiasts

    Id like to dedicate this hit to Jossas OCD and the fact he didnt have round numbers.

    On 22-11-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker TheWeeknd [SF5]

    Small Cargo 11
    Light Fighter 3.012.212
    Cruiser 602.870
    Battleship 322.812
    Bomber 10.045
    Destroyer 100.028
    Battlecruiser 400.006
    Heavy Fighter 1.000.000

    Attacker Arcane [MUPPETS]

    Light Fighter 3.921.920
    Heavy Fighter 50.000
    Cruiser 799.998
    Battleship 300.000
    Destroyer 110.000
    Battlecruiser 199.901

    Attacker Jossa [MUPPETS]

    Light Fighter 6.999.939
    Cruiser 799.995
    Battleship 400.000
    Destroyer 300.000
    Battlecruiser 400.000

    Defender Vulcan [Exiles]

    Deathstar 6.000
    Rocket Launcher 850
    Light Laser 890
    Heavy Laser 87
    Gauss Cannon 41
    Ion Cannon 41
    Plasma Turret 17
    Small Shield Dome 1
    Large Shield Dome 1

    After the battle ...

    Attacker TheWeeknd [SF5]

    Small Cargo 11 ( -0 )
    Light Fighter 2.961.453 ( -50.759 )
    Cruiser 592.671 ( -10.199 )
    Battleship 317.405 ( -5.407 )
    Bomber 9.871 ( -174 )
    Destroyer 98.357 ( -1.671 )
    Battlecruiser 393.261 ( -6.745 )
    Heavy Fighter 982.899 ( -17.101 )

    Attacker Arcane [MUPPETS]

    Light Fighter 3.855.378 ( -66.542 )
    Heavy Fighter 49.167 ( -833 )
    Cruiser 786.344 ( -13.654 )
    Battleship 294.926 ( -5.074 )
    Destroyer 108.179 ( -1.821 )
    Battlecruiser 196.478 ( -3.423 )

    Attacker Jossa [MUPPETS]

    Light Fighter 6.881.069 ( -118.870 )
    Cruiser 786.296 ( -13.699 )
    Battleship 393.333 ( -6.667 )
    Destroyer 294.798 ( -5.202 )
    Battlecruiser 393.241 ( -6.759 )

    Defender Vulcan [Exiles]


    The attacker has won the battle!
    The attacker captured:
    144.177.681 Metal, 35.889.066 Crystal and 23.984.956 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 5.783.117.000 units.
    The defender lost a total of 60.008.351.000 units.
    At these space coordinates now float 23.363.876.900 metal and 18.160.884.700 crystal.
    The attacker captured a total of 204.051.703 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.
    The attacker(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Crystal: 16.252.652.766
    Deuterium: -438.044.044
    The attacker(s) made a profit of 35.945.696.303 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -30.149.546.681
    Crystal: -
    Deuterium: -6.024.576.956
    The defender(s) lost a total of 60.212.402.703 units.

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  • holy.. those are some serious profits, especially splitting 3 ways 8|


    We hit fresh air and got a sense of disappointment only my wife feels on a regular (pfft kidding) basis


    VRF vulcan

  • I waited to see what happened,exiles failed again,spartacus is now without fleet ,with top fleets in uni exiles failed big now they are losing fleets one by one.Probably Vega is best merged uni ,for sure the most interesting uni now,i wish i can have acc there.. Congrats attackers,Vulcan fr

    Lanx master

  • What can I say but nice work, excellent execution.
    With so much time between speed % you would have had time to get all 3 if I had separated them.
    Good job guys.

    ~The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong~
    U44/Quant/Jup/Betel HOF's = 576~ ~ ~481 Solo [10 Top 10] / 95 ACS [4 x #1 + 11 Top 10]
    ~~ RIP 7007+

  • Wow excellent planning there gents - the fear of getting ninja’d is always a terrifying but exciting moment - which I believe makes this game fun - afraid of the unknown - but so much excitement knowing that the reward was worth the fully body sweat experience!

    You’ll be back on the rip count in no time, old timer.

  • Who doesn’t like stories about balls?!

    Big numbers, big profits and big risks....all rewarded

    Well done to all involved

    FR defender. 6000 balls is quite a bit to rebuild.

  • I love the fact that the only ships not to fall in numbers were the small cargos!!! SC FTW!!!! Fantastic planning and smashing legends!! Glad the inactive raiding ended up with this monster destruction!!

    FR Vulcan!!

    NB.. holy mother lover Jossa!!! That Dessie count is fire!!!

  • Wow guys, great find and time back! I love time back hits....reminds me of the uni-20 days so long ago. Hard to fathom losing more rips then I have, but at the same time Vulcan still has more rips then I have after this hit <X . Vulcan you are a stand up guy, and your response shows that here. Just your day to lose, but I know you will be back on the other side very soon. VFR defender and fantastic hit guys!

    Hey, I know letssled attacks you a lot with his rips.......and I want to crash those rips a lot!

    Words to live by:

    Anyway, the bad news is that inviting/trolling me here on this thread or in the ticket system doesn't change your guilt. I suppose the only thing you have left since you're a lying and manipulative cheater is to try and make me dance, so we did the Congo.



  • 35bn profit off 65bn td. Now that's a proper df % :thumbsup:

    Very nice catch. I mean I would've split the rips differently anyway but... :shrug:

    Enjoy the spoils. Enjoy the hit! :thumbup: 

    GLOTR :stick:

    ~ Top 10s: 14 (18) + Assist on Worldwide Number 1 + Worldwide Number 2 (suicide) ~ RiPs: 80.962 + ~

    - The one & only Peppa -

  • Noooooooooo way!!!!
    Farming a guy, for how much profit(???), by sending 6000 rips and taking the risk of being blind phalanx!!!?? Why!!!???

    Iam really sorry Vulcan. Hoping that you stay.

    And to the Muppets and their allied Weeknd;
    Nice team work, as usual. You are still the hottest guys in Vega. Amazing!!!

    ...and to the rest of the universe; we better stay in vmode....


    Xalynth - 24 Hofs
    Fidis - 2 Hofs
    Vega - a couple!

    Iam the nicest guy in the uni...