[TOT: 3.945.164.000] Artist vs. msmith [Fleet] (A: 859.552.000, D: 3.085.612.000) HAND LANX - NO PROFIT!

  • On 28-01-2019 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Hello, i don`t know where to start. This is the third time that he losing his fleet because of me. First time was md and he was doing dirty fs, DA crash him before me and return him resorces, second time was md and found his deploy so i lanx maybe 1 h and he recall, i catch his time and got trick by them i must admit that was good move, they md his other moon and fleet was recalled at planet and my goes to deep space :crazy:

    And now this fight was happened because i send md during the day to see what his doing, was not sure if he doing dirty fs or deploy. I destroy moon and see deploy from planet and it was on 7h, and then fun start.
    I fsed my all deut fleet because i know it someone will try attack when i am lanx, forgot few k bs at my main and Hell ofc clean that. During the lanx they pulled out push acc and start to spam his planet with attacks, ects. In one moment i did know where to look, they block my lanx window and there was 54 spam fleet (i don`t know if that is legally). In that moment he recalled his deploy. I was so confused did know if catch him or not. After a hour i figurate that i have time but was not sure 100%
    So i send 2x attacks to round circle of few sec because i wasn`t sure when he recalled.
    I recall my dessy what was first attack to mess time for Hells recs, he was send recs last 5-6min. And i send my recs 2h early so i "can" be sure that i will pick df whatever happen. And guess what? I was wrong. No df.

    After exhausted day and night i was sleeping and wake up to see if everything is okay, and find out that deathangel is unbaned again, and 6x10 md coming on my moon. Lucky for me i got first wave of his rips and rest is recalled :biggrin:

    Here is some prsc what i made so look them and give me your critical review why i am not pick df and for spam and block lanx window.

    Sry for bad english, enjoy in fight and defender wish u FR again.

    1. SPAM AND BLOCK LANX WINDOW -http://prntscr.com/me7t2f

    2. DF TIME MY RECS AND WHEN FIGHT WAS https://prnt.sc/md1u4r-https://prnt.sc/md1u0y

    3. NJINJA DA RIPS :freakout: - http://prntscr.com/me7w7h

    Attacker Artist

    Small Cargo 120.000
    Light Fighter 1.000.000
    Battleship 203.190

    Defender msmith [Fleet]

    Small Cargo 4.572
    Large Cargo 45.426
    Light Fighter 23.190
    Cruiser 2.700
    Battleship 675
    Colony Ship 6
    Recycler 10.458
    Espionage Probe 45.109
    Solar Satellite 250
    Deathstar 201
    Rocket Launcher 14.495
    Light Laser 8.775
    Heavy Laser 78
    Gauss Cannon 4
    Ion Cannon 149
    Plasma Turret 137
    Small Shield Dome 1
    Large Shield Dome 1

    After the battle ...

    Attacker Artist

    Small Cargo 113.254 ( -6.746 )
    Light Fighter 944.033 ( -55.967 )
    Battleship 193.045 ( -10.145 )

    Defender msmith [Fleet]


    The attacker has won the battle!
    The attacker captured:
    2.328.231 Metal, 29.996.572 Crystal and 22.724.147 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 859.552.000 units.
    The defender lost a total of 3.085.612.000 units.
    At these space coordinates now float 1.528.242.100 metal and 1.027.618.200 crystal.
    The attacker captured a total of 55.048.950 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.
    The defender(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: -635.589.769
    Crystal: -191.637.428
    Deuterium: 22.724.147
    The attacker(s) lost a total of 804.503.050 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -69.279.631
    Crystal: -261.177.872
    Deuterium: -254.343.147
    The defender(s) lost a total of 584.800.650 units.

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  • "Hand lanx"

    @Artist what our respected player aka account b/d was trying to say it's not hand lanx its 'blind lanx'. @msmith do you know how to send attack or you only use Skrill? We all know you are pidgeon

    Congrats on the hit and on fight against bots, multy account ally called FLEET

    Artist FR!

    With your spy probes i will build graviton

    username: I Cant Sleep / Ice Breaker

  • some people will always play dirty, they will never stop, the game would be better off without them and their lives would go better without the game, but for some insane reason, they keep ruining game for others and making themselves look like pathetic noobs, using the excuse "others cheat, so I cheat", when they are the biggest cheaters in this game. Even without profit, congratulations on this hit. Keep swinging at these noobs! :flexmuscles:

  • Here you can have a look to the Lanx spam rule and check it with your case :)

  • Sorry, I couldn't hear you. Maybe take your head out of Artist's bottom and repeat.

    Speaking of bots. I'm surprised Artist isn't banned for his script using.

    I know for sure he isn't scripting (report).
    But i know for sure you honest buddy @Cocacola pushed on Atilla account today (reported). :check:

    It's all reported and it was clear push.

    Fleet ally or RL pidgeons

    With your spy probes i will build graviton

    username: I Cant Sleep / Ice Breaker

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  • Fleet stands for cheats :crazy:

    It’s funny now Msmith has stopped pushing, now he’s scared after the others have been banned, his points are berdly climbing now :biggrin: Lmao

    Nice attack :thumbsup:
    P.S which of you fleet used Atilla to push!!
    All these random amounts coming out of vacation getting crashed then straight back into vacation, starting to look crazy dodgy now :evil:

    I know for sure he isn't scripting (report).But i know for sure you honest buddy @Cocacola pushed on Atilla account today (reported). :check:

    It's all reported and it was clear push.

    Fleet ally or RL pidgeons

    Hell is just a bell end, half the uni thing that too, It’s the only way he can keep up with artist.
    He’s not as good as he thinks he is at all

    BIG GUNS OF YILDUN :missilelauncher:

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  • nice story and nice attack but also nice timing for his allies recs...they send a minisecond before you? so strange..

    da maybe given some money to GF to get unbanned again...maybe he made a big purchase of dm in other uni...after all money talks..he even didnt get banned when purchased u-557 account ...and was so -_- clear that he bought it and crashed his old account with it...which was also bought from a top player in begining of uni ...a newbie developer could have search the DB and see a clear nice fact of account switching when this kind of thing was illegal... so seeing this kind of thing is allowed and it is considered illegal...i see that rules are not for every one on ogame...so this make me sick of this game as it is full of cheaters..

  • Look I have been banned for some time and I WILL live up to my mistakes and take it like a man and the criticism that comes with it. I have been silent for quite some time and I feel this post is where I break it.

    The story for anyone who says I am a cheater thats fine I will admit to my mistakes. Regardless if you want to believe it or not is up to you but this is the truth. I attempted a push a long time ago in xanthus before merge and was caught for it for the sheer fact I didnt know how to properly push as I had never done it before, My perma ban was a result of this later on even thought things weren't right and didnt add up on my per ma ban my past was hel against me. Plain and simple. I commend the GO for this and them trying to make the game clean again. Kudos to them all as it should be.

    I also have screen shots seeing how some GOs work. If you would like to see them add me on discord and I will show you how I was offered protection from pushing and all that BS in Europa iF I gave an active GO a working bot. Seriously please add me if you want to see this. My name is phoenyx#6611

    With all this being said. @Artist you really are one hell of a player man. You truly are and nothing changes my opinion on that.

    I also would like to point out to everyone that coke has NEVER been banned for pushing. Not ONCE

    Now artist I know you cant say the same. Regardless of the situation you say you were banned in yildun for pushing. (doesnt change my opinion on you). Because I know crazy stuff can happen between what really happened and what a GO can see.

    I just hate that you call say coke pushes yet he constantly smacks half of you all who are hating on him. voodoo your number 1. How many times has coke wiped you. Come one man get out of here with your BS.

    Artist as great as you are coke has outplayed you more times then you him. You wont know how but he has. But why give away secrets.

    He blocked your hit on antimatter. He outplayed you twice on Msmith hit. He smacked what 150 rips on you? How about give a man props when props are due and try and take revenge over quitting.

    All I am saying is half of your are blinded by how good coke really is and just want to hate on him over giving someone props.

    I wont deny this game is corrupt in some ways and its all who you know. But as you can all see. It didnt go in my favor

    Now I have said my peace and you all can go on about your lives loving or hating me. Doesnt bother me. I finished what I wanted in xanthus a long time ago.

  • Decent post Phoenyx.

    But maybe Coke will post his hit on Attila? Interestingly, Atilla comes out of vmode and within 30 minutes gets crashed by Coke and is vmoded again. You say Coke is squeaky clean, but all the evidence points to a different conclusion. I would love to know how that isn't one of the most obvious pushes around, well except for Mrsmith buying accounts and crashing them or DA being pushed by what 10 accounts? :D

  • @msmith I have a vendetta against anyone who bots I have artist on friends list and I have tested if he was botting in the past, he doesn't appear to be botting.

    @Phoenyx Cola knows something artists doesn't about timing recyclers, or the layout of the systems naturally benefits fleet, tbh I couldn't believe you got banned you shouldn't have done msmiths dirty work.
    I'm having trouble establishing Cola doesn't bot but I'm also having trouble establishing that he does bot the current info I have is inconsistent, however I know predator did.

    @Cocacola Not entirely sure what you said but I know the method artist uses for lanxing and it involves smashing lots of buttons, I think its unhealthy.

    Can I get anyone here to confirm that I don't cheat :) I feel like people that don't cheat never get told they don't cheat so you guys all owe me :P

  • Great hit still Artist!

    Thanks for both sides showing something intresting here, and I must say I enjoy reading this thread.

    @Phoenyx I shared your feelings. The only thing I have different opinion is I think Hell could have done better by playing more responsibly with his skills and power here as I experienced personally his bashing after he got my big ninja which I think not up to a great player standard. A great player should take his failure and come back with something decent rather than bashing.