Current Rules

  • As you might have noticed, the current Spamboard rules aren't enforced, mainly because everyone forgot about them as this section wasn't used that much and the use it saw didn't require those rules anymore.
    So as of now those rules are replaced with the normal board rules with these few additions:
    - No Quotespam (This includes Spoilers and all other stacking features)
    - The SERIOUS BUSINESS label counts for the whole thread and not only the first page

    As for the Spam rule, you can spam if you want but depending on the thread have respect for the topic/OP and don't spam in there for the sake of spam.
    And you might have noticed that there is no rule against trolling anymore in the general boardrules, this doesn't mean you can go full on Troll, it still gets punished if you go overboard with it.

    Those temporary rules will stay until after the boardupgrade to wbb5 and the addition of the other communities to our as it is likely that some of them will share this section with us.

    In case you are wondering who currently is able to moderate this section, those people are @Rav3n, @Iris and @NoMoreAngel. clittle would be able to do it too, but he is pretty much away at the moment.
    If you got questions, post them in here.


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  • Is there currently anyone, who has posted today and is otherwise active in the spamboard, who does such a thing and do you think there will be such a case within the weeks until new rules are written?


  • I know thats why I added "who has posted today and is otherwise active in the spamboard" as Asto isn't an active spamboard user otherwise and was just posting yesterday because of all the Spam down here, just like Kaldor.


  • Please could I have a reply to this question?

    Also a couple of others. According to the rules you have put here, the spamboard rules were relevant up until you said they were obsolete. This can be found with this statement by Wraith:

    Each User agrees with his/her registration to the following forum rules and subsequent sub-section rules.

    When we regard the fact that I have noted to moderators that one member has disobeyed these rules, I have been ignored.

    Also one or two other points.

    Content, links, user Names etc. with the only aim to flame and insult other participants of the community.

    You have broken this by showing your disapproval of myself and others being here. You have also broken it according to the terms and conditions laid out by Gameforge in their user terms and conditions, which, as a registered member, you are liable to follow. In this GF state clearly that you are not to disseminate content that:

    d) is insulting, harassing, libellous in character or is otherwise prejudicial to an individual's rights of personality;

    What you have said in public is prejudiced against my individual right of personality when you stated that no one likes me but Cassie and bibob (btw, that was a lie and it makes you look bad). Now as a BA you are expected to behave in a professional manner, you are responsible for the company's reputation. Your customer service was not up to standard and like I have said previously, if I did that at work I would be looking at a formal warning and a lengthy discussion with my line manager. You have also stated in places that swearing, flaming and trolling are ok, these are things which go against rules and policy in the rules you have quoted at us. Yet there has been a selective application of these rules. I have not received an apology and to be honest, the fact that you will not do so shows more about your character than mine.

  • @NoMoreAngel

    I have asked several questions which are pertinent to the rules you have announced here. Please could you do me the courtesy of answering them as I and many others find it lacking clarity. As it is your job as well as the Mods to enforce these rules it is a little worrying that you won't explain what this means to us. Also English is a precise language. It is the language of Orwell and it makes an excellent language for many disciplines because of that precision. The ambiguous nature of some parts of the rules show that further clarity is needed. For example, you have not clarified what "quote spam" means. It is clearly not a common phrase in English therefore it requires an explanation.

    Also an apology would be nice.

  • So several months on I still haven't received an answer, it is very poor when someone completely ignores legitimate issues because they dislike a user, very unprofessional indeed and it is detrimental to the community.

    @NoMoreAngel I am going to ask one more time and I do expect an answer otherwise you are refusing to do your job.

    I asked some months ago what quote spam is. This is a serious question demanding a serious answer. If you want us to follow rules then we need to understand them. Anyone who comes onto these boards who is new needs to be able to look at the rules and understand them in clear English. I illustrated that I don't know what you mean by that. Do you mean the term that we referred to as "quote pyramids". If so, how many quotes can be stacked before it is a warnable offence?

    Now I am fully aware that the boards will one day be upgraded. Don't know when, although at the moment it has been promised for over 3 months now. However, since it has been three months since my original inquiry then it surely merits a decision and an answer.

  • If you want to call it "quote pyramids" you can do that, thats the same thing. There is no fixed limit on them, it depends on the content and the person reporting/viewing them as we have responsive design and the amount of text shown is different for everyone on their phones. But the wbb5 standard is set to 5 I think, so when we are going to move to it all quotes further than the 5th layer will get cut of anyway, then the rule will be obsolete.