• New alliance in the uni recruiting semi skilled players that at-least know how to play with all the basics and fleeting keeping res safe and handling fleets.

    We are accepting any play style as long as you know what your doing and willing to push boundaries against top players and test how far you can go. :chainsaw:

    There will be a player cap! :complaingrumble:
    around 10-15 players MAX!

    At the moment the uni is only in early stages so there is room for building up and fleeting the universe.
    The main goal is not to own and bully the server down.
    It is to wage war on those who do, have fun and test how far we can push things until the bashing stage commonsense :stick:

    Apply if you will. :crazy:
    In-game name:

    Lets push these boundaries and see how far we can go, happy fleeting.

    :borg: Fear is a mere deception of ones mind :borg:
    YSS ~ Y So serious