Would like to welcome the new rank 1

    • Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I’d Just like to share with the hits I woke up to this morning, cause by the big ALMIGHTY RANK 1 HELL , most of them caused by RIPs. In the time I take 1 waves to come, I could raid 10x it.

    By the way the time it’s took me to write this my mines have made double it.

    Your a real mr tough guy now your rank 1 arnt you? I’ll try not to get too scared.

    11 hits in total, Your such a noob!

    BIG GUNS OF YILDUN :missilelauncher:

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  • Exactly, he is brain dead :fie:

    I Raided 100 million in 60 mins using my small cargos last night, a lot more than him the muppet, 90 min hit for 700k is nothing to show off about. FML

    He’s just trying to show of his power which nobody cares about... just making himself look even more of a noob

    Profit is profit dumbass. Learn basics instead of running your mouth and making idle threats

    come out of vacation I dare you...

  • Which took me like a week to rebuild :rofl: Still have over a billion resources to spend. Only take me a few more weeks to get back to top 10 fleet.

    Now I’m playing proply, none of you stand a chance! :missilelauncher:
    Especially the Phoenix noob..lol

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA why is this thread even posted up? Crying again on the boards stop posting and do something about it Build the biggest fleet ogame has seen and kill em all....Im just gunna leave this video here.

  • Profit isn't profit. Learn what opportunity cost is.
    Using rips for this is brain dead.

    You are also mistaken about this. Opportunity cost? It's the most efficient use of deut. (fuel) if you dont know that either. If someone has time to fly RIPS, they are most cost effective. So your argument falls flat on this one.

  • good heaven, your lack of common sense is disturbing.
    time is a resource. spend so much to gain so little is simply bad math.
    Rips are also a liability. so many waves for literally bread crumbs, if he doesn't lanx before they hit he can lose them for negligible gains.
    And the fuel argument is straight out of kundergarden, even paying 50k for small cargos can literally be ignored, you'd get ten times as much in a single raid and far less time invested.
    Not to mention the Ress generation and standards. Any half decent fleeter would rather put his time and slots into either inactives or looking for targets. This is blatant dick waving, nothing but incompetence.

  • anyone can get hit by rips, and anyone with any number of rips can hit anyone with them. we all sleep, wouldn't you agree?
    but to crash sats and get a few hours worth of production is either trying to provoke a response or simply 'look at me, I'm important.'
    given his rank, I'd say it's the latter.

  • yep. I have better target.
    Att him get so small profit and waste time. But i still att him first, because i dont like him. WTF player always send mess ex " if you dont let me join alliance, i will crash all your fleet" " I will crash you soon and become #1 " " I'm a king ... " I'm best fleeter ... ", "you are noob ..." I get ton of trash mess like that. Thanks GF give us "ignore player button". Cant play with bad big mouth

    (Why dont you post your IPMs on me ? is it more profit than my hit ? Dont say about profit with me anymore because i dont att you for profit. Just att because i dont like you. #1 or not is not importance and cant change my idea about you)

  • I am confused, didn't you open a post about how you want the alliance to pop all of his moons?
    but now you are complaining because he is bashing you?

  • I am confused, didn't you open a post about how you want the alliance to pop all of his moons?
    but now you are complaining because he is bashing you?

    The thing is, is that he made that other thread because of what he's pointing out here.

  • Congratulations predator and demented
    On making it into TIFs black list, come knocking and we will pay you a visit..

    As far as the messages to hell, they was just polite warnings to leave us alone. We didn’t want no trouble, we was happy mining. But you lot haven’t been very welcoming here and we are starting to get pissed off.

    You might think your the tough guys of Xanthus but we are the tough guys of yildun. Faced much worse enemy’s that you lot and come out of top. So good luck


  • This game needs a way for us miners to research pacification crystals or some sort of space weed that stops players from taking aggressive actions for a set amount of time.
    Think of the gameplay feature, a gradually growing ball of hippyspace emitting a green haze to smother the uni, it would let us return fire on the fleeters :P fight RIPs with snooze.

  • Well, at first I thought hell was a great player, but after I ninja him big time, he came to my system and just bashed my defenses, I realised that I was wrong! A great player in my definition is if you were ninjaed, you learn from your mistake, try to catch your opponent again and avoid being ninja again, but I only saw bashing coming. Of course, I see other threads and posts, I think he has some skills, but "Great Player" -- no. So yeah, this no1 is nothing to me if he just based players when he failed his missions.