ACS ten - RECALL DEPLOY [TOT:] Greek God [300] & PolsMols [300] & Ameno [300] & Gh0st [300] & Szilas [300] vs. Shaka (A: 193.202.000, D:

  • Readin your post salty groot

    Real cute story and all but I gave my return time to your spy. Why sit here and lie? The evidence is in your post, you hit a recalled deployment you couldn't see on scan? My fleet wasn't even that big. You all take this too seriously, it was fun screwing with you guys for so long.

    i totally agree to kozmonaut

    DeF-no FR to you after all your toulking and crying.

    I know who were trying to help you and tried their relationships for you and i requested one of them as a buddy especially not to interfere incase if had a chance i'd be hunting one of them afterwards as i was foolwing him for a long period.

    But even i follow him and his friends as opponents -in game jargon as an enemy- one thing i am sure those guys who try to help you are men of honor. You have no respect for them as they were trying to help you and in my point of view you dont deserve their help indeed. I've more respect to them than you. Lucky for them at least they didnt involved sludge like you.

    GLIRL and keep in a very long preiod of v mode. :angry::angry::angry:

    advice for rl: learn to respect people who are trying to be your side even they dont have to

  • Nice hit and coordination. You make excellent hits.
    Thats a lot of deut to scan every few seconds 1h before landing..
    I guess Shaka had a rly bad day, to loose two moons and fleet on recalled deployment.. You are jinxed..

  • Wow :golly:

    That's some epic organisation , patience and calculation , you happy bunch

    Gratz to all of you involved. That's what ogame is all about. Keep dominating and stay active
    Enjoy those spoils and hope to see more soon

    Defender.. its not always easy to take a big lost but everone go trough that at some point.. be a man, swallow it and come back stronger. This Uni is still young. Don't free trow accusation freely.. those guys have honor



  • Look at you girls go!!! Keep those fleets moving. You are solid players all around. Gents, remind me never to get MD'd by you..

    Defender GLOTR.