Gift Dark Matter

  • I don't know whether or not it would be more profitable, to switch from a system with different prices, to a system with more similar prices. It might be something that is preferable for larger companies, while not as preferable for smaller companies, but I don't know enough about this to give a reasonable answer.

    Fair enough

  • I find super unfair that Dark Matter in Switzerland Costs like 50% more than in all the other countries. My only explanation is that the value of the swiss franc was much lower when they decided the rate and now the swiss franc is much stronger. It really sucks that in almost all the countries you pay 50$ for 1.4M DM and in switzerland you have to pay 75$. And i have heard that in some countries its even cheaper than that... how can this be the case? In any other game the virtual currency is actually cheaper in switzerland than in europe due to low taxes... Why do we have the opposite case in herE?

    its $80 CAD for 950,000 DM you think you got it bad...and the CAD isn't that strong compared to the Euro, USD or British Pound.