Helping new players

  • I like this uni so I started today

    Was hoping for new like this one ... But tired of waiting

    If someone can spare some resources for me to develop astro I'd appreciate it

    After that I don't need anymore res

    Same nick


  • I’ll pm you.

  • Just PM ingame the full list of people. A lot of us would help, not a lot of us check the forums.

  • PM me ingame.

  • PM me ingame.

    Thank you for offering help.

    I developed astro and I won't be needing any more assistance.

    To give update to any newcomer willing to try this uni.

    As you can see there is several players willing to give resources and advice.

    I received help within several hours from Pagan , Black Velvet and Valeyard.

    Thanks guys.

  • hello.

    I just started playing again after a looong break.

    If you have too much resources then my planet is located at 6:456:4
    thank you and have a nice day :D

  • Not sure if anyone else is still participating in this, but we've had a number of new players join the uni that I have sent welcome packages too.

    If you're still active/playing in Dorado post up if you're willing to help newcomers.


  • isthis program still exsisting?

    just started few days ago on dorado as i like the old regular 1x speed style

    would be happy to get a little boost to speed up the bring time of click once a day a mine lady anjali ingame 6:467:4


  • I still participate in it. I'll send you something in a bit.


    EDIT: What is with all the new people getting started out in G6? Some kind of algorithm on placement?

  • thanks a million Pagan, started blind raiding with first sc, risky in an advanced uni but well 1st one was successful

    yeah no idea why all get placed that high up same system 4 new players in just a few days in g6... maybe the game wants to fill empty gala first with new players, instead of placing them into a gala with plenty players in which is not too bad for a peaceful developing in a highly advanced uni

  • thanks a million Pagan, started blind raiding with first sc, risky in an advanced uni but well 1st one was successful

    I don't think anyone is going to go after inactive raiding SC or LC fleets in this uni unless they're worth a "advanced HoF" a lot numbers. It's very chill here. This is retirement speed, most of the active players that are left here are former 1x players from oGames bygone numbered uni glory days.

  • me 2 ... stopped playing as this 4x 6x whatever fleet and eco speed was just nonsense got to watch every 5 minutes as thats what it takes to send a speed fleet in same sys

    back in the old days of ogame i did play german uni 5 / 33 / 56 and the very first .org uni 1x speed no DM at all just commander (i think DM was there already in first org uni) so i dont find it too slow, its just the right speed to relax but still enjoy it