Top 01 - [TOT: 402.600.432.000] gulong22 & skylove & BAT & hanhan & song vs. xHannibaLx (A: 101.265.772.000, D: 301.334.660.000)

  • Nice smash attackers

    Glirl Def and awesome attitude

    Thought this was kinda of funny considering how big the TD and DF are:

    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:
    0 Metal, 12.600 Crystal and 3.257.249 Deuterium

    With a fleet that big and only that much deut, he must have just been either sitting there or FS'n to own DF lmao. I'm guess'n the reason for no story is probably because the story was lame and exactly what they said. HE did bad FS, we kill it once we have enough fleet to kill it.....seems simple enough, but just a guess

    Zagy: "Enjoy building your ego with likes of your ally mate.
    Like we having 14 year old girls here. I expect now everyday status with some quote and selfie from toilet."
    Heretic: "If you want to make it personal...I might ask why you are asking for selfies from ppl you suspect are 14 year old girls and ones from the toilet no less. Creeper much?"
  • What can I say?
    He did bad FS, We will get him sooner or later
    The only thing is that we need build enough fleets.

    yesterday the right time is come in, and the battle took place

    Wish HANNIBAL happiness in RL

    We rule this uni , from spica to Uriel,
    as i promised after the merge
    thx our great partners and team,You are the best ogamers !

    maybe , we will rule the future uni

  • Numbers are massive (and i dont mean how many people are playing the account.)
    Phat profit, dodgey company

    [Muppets] []

    SMod: Andvari300

    Feel free to regale my SMod tales of my literary heroism.

  • after 2 and a half month this monstrous hit was noticed :headbanging::headbanging::headbanging: well better than never i guess:youcrazy:

    I assure you that it was noticed before, but due to some circumstances, it seems it was a bit forgotten :D